The Taliban has replaced the Afghan women's ministry with its own ministry of virtue and vice

"The Taliban's moral police" enforces Sharia law.
While it is not clear if women will be allowed work in Afghanistan, they cannot work with men.

Female students can continue to study at universities wearing Islamic clothing and segregated classrooms.

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On Thursday, women who had been employed by Afghanistan's Women's Ministry were expelled from their Kabul workplace. The signs were replaced by the Taliban's moral police the next day: "Ministries of Prayer and Guidance and Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice," Reuters reported.

According to Reuters, the new ministry will enforce the Taliban's Sharia law interpretation. This means that public executions and strict dress codes are enforced by the Taliban. Reuters reported that a Taliban leader stated that women would not be allowed to work alongside men on September 13. However, it remains unclear in what capacity women can work.

Taliban officials stated earlier in the week that women will be allowed at universities if they dress in Islamic clothing and are not separated by gender.

After capturing several cities in the aftermath of President Joe Biden's withdrawal of US military troops, the group took control of the country mid-August.

The Taliban's interim government is entirely made up of men, including the prime minister of a UN blacklist country and the head of a terrorist group wanted by the FBI.