California Gov. Newsom's kids have tested positive for COVID-19

Two California Governors were able to test positive for COVID-19. A spokesperson stated that Gavin Newsom's children tested positive to COVID-19.
Newsom and his partner, as well as two of his children, were negative for the test.

Politico reported that the children who were positive for HIV have mild symptoms and will be quarantined.

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Two California Governors were tested positive for COVID-19 by two of their children. A spokesperson for Gavin Newsom stated that two of his children tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday.

Insider was informed by Erin Mellon (spokesman for the Governor's Office), that the Governor, his partner and two of his children tested negative.

Mellon stated that the family was following all COVID protocols. "The Newsoms support indoor masking of unvaccinated persons to stop spread and promote vaccinations as the best way to end the pandemic," Mellon said.

Politico reported that Newsom's children all under 12 are ineligible for vaccination.

Politico reported that the children didn't seem to have been exposed at their private school, or at any campaign events.

To protect their privacy, the identities of the children who were positive for HIV/AIDS were not revealed. They are currently experiencing mild symptoms and are being quarantined.

Newsom pulled his two children out of a summer camp in July after they weren't following state policy regarding masks.

After a recall election, Newsom remained in his post as governor of the state earlier this week.