SpaceX’s first private crew shows what they’ve been up to in orbit

It was a short orbital talent show.
Hayley is an expert at spinning, Sian PROctor, one the four private citizens currently orbiting Earth in SpaceXs Crew Dragon capsule said about Hayley Arceneaux her crewmate, who was doing somersaults in space's weightlessness on camera. Since we were put on orbit, she has been spinning.

Christopher Sembroski (another crew mate) pulled out a ukulele to perform live to SpaceX's live YouTube stream. It's not yet morning, but it will get better as the day progresses.

Proctor demonstrated a drawing she created using metallic pens. It depicted the Crew Dragon capsule exploding off Earth, leaving behind a trail of exhaust that looks almost like a dragon. She said that it was a great experience to learn how to use space markers.

Jared Isaacman, a billionaire entrepreneur, and the mission funder for Inspiration4, has been zipping around the globe 15 times per day since Wednesday night when they launched to space from Florida on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. They shared their first update in a YouTube video on Friday afternoon. This was nearly two days after they lifted off the lackluster communication. It is a sign that space is not just for government astronauts who are usually much more transparent.

Proctor, Sembroski, Sembroski, and Isaacman are the first private astronauts to orbit the Earth. SpaceX also flew the first private crew, having previously flown only three government astronauts.

Isaacman stated on camera that we were proud to share our experience with everyone. We know how lucky we are to be here. We are devoted to science research, ukulele-playing and raising awareness for an important cause.

The Inspiration4s spacecraft was equipped with a glass dome instead of the Crew Dragon flights for government astronauts who travel to the International Space Station. This is in contrast to Crew Dragons docking doors. Proctor held the camera to the dome and it appeared large enough to comfortably fit three people's upper bodies. It was dark outside and the live feed from the camera was blurry and pixelated. However, the crew could still see the night lights that dot Earth's surface. Proctor stated, "That looks like the aurora!" Wow.

#Inspiration4's crew had an amazing first day in space. Since liftoff, they have completed over 15 orbits around the Earth and used all of Dragon's cupola. Inspiration4 (@inspiration4x) September 17, 2021

The Inspiration4 mission, aside from the milestones and the fundraising, is primarily a huge fundraising event for St. Jude Childrens Hospital. This non-profit conducts research on cancer and provides free treatment to children with cancer. Isaacman donated $100 million, and paid for the crew's seats at an undisclosed cost. The goal is $200,000,000. Rest of the funds are being raised by various means: Some of the items that the crew brought to space, such as hops for beer, NFTs and pieces of art, are sponsored by companies that have donated thousands to St. Jude. These items will then be sold at auction once they return to Earth.

The crew video-chatted with St. Jude patients, and rang the New York Stock Exchange bell (Isaacman's payment-processing company Shift4 Payments is publicly traded). Isaacman bet $4,000 to Las Vegas that the Eagles would win Super Bowl. Arceneaux demonstrated a device that the crew uses to measure cranial pressure in a scientific study. This is to determine how their bodies react to microgravity.

The Inspiration4 mission will last approximately three days. SpaceX stated that they will reenter the Earth's atmosphere on Saturday and splashdown at one of many locations off Florida's coast at approximately 7:06 PM ET.