Viral TikTok recipe for air fryer ice cream sandwiches is pointless and kinda trash

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Here's an interesting puzzle for you: What would happen to ice cream if it was baked in a 325-degree oven?

If you replied, "It would melt," you're correct buddy. Your prize? Free access to

For some reason, I didn't realize how ridiculous this riddle was until I took on my next AirFryDay task, frying ice cream sandwiches.

The recipe was revealed in a viral TikTok by user @JimmyTheHib. Watch the TikTok below. Simply wrap the ice cream sandwiches in crescent dough and airfry for six minutes at 325°F. Although skeptical, I was intrigued. The end result was very gross.

This is how it looked after being done by @JimmyTheHib

This is kind of nice, right? Credit: Screenshot by tiktok/@jimmythehib

It looks great, right? The excitement of @JimmyTheHib convinced me to try the recipe. I was so excited to make it, too. What could be worse?

It's possible to make something truly gross.

First, though, I went to the grocery store and bought crescent dough, ice cream sandwiches, and some other things. Following the instructions of viral TikTok, I prepared everything before removing ice cream from the fridge. The cooking process would leave more ice cream intact. We'll get to that in a moment.

The TikTok instructed me to roll the dough out. I made it thin so that the dough could be fully cooked in six minutes. This is what it looked like on my cutting board. I dusted the dough with flour to prevent it from sticking to my hands.

There's the dough. Credit to mashable

Then I took the ice cream sandwiches out of the freezer and cut them into the appropriate size pieces. Finally, I folded them tightly. According to TikTok, this was crucial. Leakage can be caused by holes or a cooking process that has created holes. This would be a disaster.

Preparation for folding: Air-fried ice cream. Credit to mashable

The fully prepped ice-cream-sandwich-dough-ball-things were then dropped into a preheated 325 degree air fryer. They would be ready for eating in six minutes, according to the TikTok.

Folded and ready for airfry Credit to mashable

It was...let's be real: it was garbage. Garbage. Gross.

They looked great, lightly browned and slightly risen at first glance. One had a tiny leak, but it was not serious. The cookies looked even better when topped with powdered sugar.

Here, everything looks great. They weren't. Credit to mashable

Mmmmm, sugar. Credit: Mashable

When I opened the first pocket and examined its components, things started to go wrong. The ice cream was almost completely melted, and the dough was extremely undercooked at its innermost parts. This is understandable, given that Pillsbury suggests cooking crescent rolls at 350 degrees for 11-13 minutes.

You must also have two layers of crescent dough over each other to secure the ice cream. You can't cook it in 6 minutes. If you used the oven for longer or heated it up, the dough would likely be soupy.

Here's a cross-section shot of my creation. The spot where the dough is still connected to the other half of the dough can be seen.

It's hard to say, but the dough is kinda raw in spots. Credit: mashable / tim marcin

I tried one big bite hoping for the best. It was basically melty icecream, warm chocolate, and undercooked, chewy dough. My wife also took a bite and looked at me grimaceously.

The dough was quite raw. It's not good.

Perhaps @JimmyTheHib of TikTok could have wrapped his sandwiches more well. If you can get a tight seal using super-thin dough and never fold the dough over, you might be able to get a fully cooked product. You never know, it might have been me who messed up. Although I cook quite often and am an excellent home cook, I'm not a great baker. This led to baking. Maybe @JimmyTheHib was better at creating the recipe.

My result was garbage after I had cut up the four dough balls. It was a molten, undercooked mess. In general, I'll eat any food. Pizza left out overnight? Yes. Yes. Lunchtime. What about Offal? That would be a terrible thing! These things are not acceptable. These were not cooked, and the ice cream was still room temperature.

No Credit: mashable / tim marcin

Another problem: Even if they are perfectly cooked, I don't see what the point is of these. It's kinda boring. This is a dish you can make for Friendsgiving to fill your stomachs. This recipe is best when you have saccharine bread wrapped around an ice cream sandwich.

What's the best thing to eat by itself? An ice cream fucking sandwich. A thin layer of chocolate cake and ice cream makes this refreshing. It was done by humanity, so we don't need any more.

I was able to get extra ice cream sandwiches during this entire process. One was delicious on its own and a great alternative to a lot of uncooked pastries.