Bali denies it will

After an official said that they wouldn't be allowed to travel to Bali under more restrictive rules, the Indonesian government has reassured backpackers that they will be allowed to travel there when it reopens.
After Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the minister responsible for the COVID-19 response team, raised concerns that Bali might restrict the types of tourists who can visit the popular tourist destination. He reportedly stated that backpackers would not have the right to enter.

We want to promote quality tourism in Bali so we won't allow backpackers in once the reopening plan is in place for international tourists, Luhut reported at a virtual press conference.

All visitors to Bali who comply with Sytilin Pavel/Shutterstock border protocols will have access to the rich cultural treasures of Bali.

In a statement to Lonely Planet, Luhut's spokesperson said that the comments were a "misunderstanding" and that the minister meant that visitors who violate Indonesian laws, regulations and health regulations [will not] be allowed to enter." According to the government spokesperson, tourists and foreign visitors can visit Bali provided that they follow all protocols.

Although there is no official timeline, Reuters reports that the health minister suggested opening the doors sometime in November when at least 70% of eligible people have received at least one shot.

Bali has relaxed some restrictions domestically and is now ready to reopen for foreign visitors from low risk countries. The coronavirus cases continue to drop.

According to Reuters, international tourists must pass three PCR tests before they can enter the island. They also have to quarantine for an additional eight days. International visitors must also be fully vaccinated, and have proof of vaccination on a government-verified mobile app.

Solo travel to Bali's spiritual heart

The fourth-largest nation in the world, Indonesia, was hit by one of the worst COVD-19 spikes. It was caused by the highly infectious Delta variant. However, the number of coronavirus cases has declined since the first wave was reported earlier in this year. At least 31% are fully vaccinated.

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