Rapper Spotemgottem Shot in Miami Road Rage Incident

Spotemgottem is currently in Florida after being shot multiple time in a Miami road rage incident.
According to law enforcement sources, TMZ reports that Florida Highway Patrol responded at 3 AM Friday to a road rage incident in which the car the rapper was riding in was shot at least 22 more times on the driver's side.

According to our sources, the driver claimed that he was traveling southbound on I-95 at the time gunshots began to ring out from another vehicle. According to our sources, the driver was shot in the hip and Spotemgottem received gunshot wounds on both legs. They were both admitted to a local hospital and are now in stable condition.

Spotemgottem’s manager, Dee Phatboy tells TMZ... Spotemgottem was in the passenger seat of a vehicle when another vehicle pulled up beside them. The automatic weapon shot Spotemgottem up.

Spotem's manager said that he was being driven to Miami by his Beat Box rapper when the shooting began. He is expected to make a complete recovery.

Spotemgottem has teamed up with Polo G, Pooh Shiesty, and NLE Choppa.