FAA grants network clearance after grounding drones expose thousands of migrants under Texas bridge

After the Federal Aviation Administration issued an order to ground camera drones over Texas, Fox News received clearance. Recent images showed thousands of migrants waiting to be processed under an international bridge.
The network was "permitted" to fly drones above the location, despite a two-week ban in Del Rio, Texas. This ended a standoff in Fox's statement that it was temporarily prohibited from flying drones in a region where thousands of migrants had been seen hiding under an overpass.

"@FoxNews submitted this morning and has been granted permission to operate in the restricted airspace linked to below," tweeted the FAA, which also provides resources for other news stations seeking permission to fly drones within the region.


This restriction is in response to Bill Melugin, Fox News National Correspondent, having displayed aerial drone footage showing the increasing number of migrants. Officials including Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano raised alarm about the increasing migrant crisis, where as many as 10,503 people are reportedly gathered under the bridge.

"The Border Patrol requested the temporary restriction of flight due to drones interfering in law enforcement flights at the border." The FAA stated in a statement that media can call the FAA to request to operate in the area, as with any temporary flight restriction.

Amazing -- After @BillFoxLA kicked him and his team from flying Fox News drones at the U.S./Mexico border, Del Rio, TX border, *local* law enforcement decided that he should get a helicopter so he could continue reporting. pic.twitter.com/pZ54my6E7o Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) September 17, 2021

Local authorities offered to assist journalists with aerial coverage of the migrant flood, ignoring the FAA ban against drones. Melugin claimed that there were "lines" of taxicabs dropping migrants near the Rio Grande, Mexico-Texas border. This showed mostly Haitian immigrants walking along and under the international bridge.

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It is amazing to see the view from up here. The administration says the border is now closed. Extreme progress is being made. This is not a closed border. This is hundreds of people streaming into the bridge. It's quite remarkable footage," Melugin stated, adding that there was not enough portable toilets to accommodate the large number of people who sought refuge under the bridge.

Melugin said to Tucker Carlson on Fox News that the timing of the FAA's restrictions was "curious" as many images and videos showing the situation under the bridge at Del Rio went viral Wednesday and Thursday.

NEW: The FAA has just placed a TFR (Temporary Flying Restriction) of two weeks over Del Rio, TX. This means that our FOX drone cannot fly over the bridge to display images of thousands of migrants. FAA cites special security reasons. pic.twitter.com/aJrjAPO2Pz Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) September 17, 2021

Melugin said to Carlson on Thursday night that Fox News had been at the border for seven months. This was in response to the FAA order. "We've used the drone for the whole time. It has never been an issue. We suddenly start showing these images on this bridge in the last 24 hours and the TFR goes up. We cannot fly anymore."

Cruz visited Del Rio on Thursday and said that the increasing number of migrants under the bridge was something he'd never seen before. Multiple reports claim that many migrants are from Haiti, but others are from Latin America.

Cruz stated that drone footage was captured this morning. People across the country were shocked and moved to tears. Cruz added that the Biden White House political operatives saw the situation and decided they don't want Fox News reporting on it.

Tonight, I am in Del Rio Texas. At the moment, there are 10,503 illegal aliens below the Del Rio International Bridge.

Joe Biden was responsible for this manmade disaster. #BidenBorderCrisis pic.twitter.com/VpzkrH1zyb Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) September 17, 2021

Meanwhile, Texas Governor. During the influx of illegal migrants into the United States, Greg Abbott closed six Mexican ports of entry on Thursday. He reversed the decision an hour later by stating that President Joe Biden had changed his mind and refused to close the crossings.

The Washington Examiner was told Thursday by Customs and Border Protection that the bridge was being used as a shield against the heat while thousands of migrants trying to enter the U.S. waited for their processing. CBP stated that many families would be expelled under Title 42 authority of the CDC.

CBP stated that migrants were provided with water, towels and toiletries while they waited to be moved to a facility. It also said that those who are unable to be expelled under Title 42 or do not have legal grounds to remain in the country will be subject to expedited removal proceedings.

CBP reported that August and July saw record numbers of migrants crossing the southern border. There were over 400,000 encounters in both of these months. CBP has recorded 1.5 million encounters in fiscal 2021.


Washington Examiner reached out to CBP and FAA on Friday, but did not receive an immediate response.

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