Taylor Swift Surprise-Releases New Single ‘Wildest Dreams’...Again

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Taylor Swift fans have been preparing emotionally for the release of Red (Taylors Version) her second re-recorded record. Her millions of followers have been eagerly awaiting the first singles from the project. It could be any time. Swift surprised everyone today by releasing a surprise single, but it's not what Swift's Swifties had hoped for.

Swift fans were treated to a pleasant surprise when Swift released her version for Wildest Dreams (Taylors Version) this morning. This song was a huge hit six years ago and has been a big hit ever since. For legal reasons, the updated version, called Wildest Dreams (Taylors Version), is very similar to the original. This will appease many fans and anger those who have the rights.

Swift is currently re-recording her six first full-length albums and re-releasing them in an attempt to regain some control over her work. Swift is fighting back against heavy-hitters in the industry. The rights to her master recordings were sold first to Scooter Braun, then to another company worth hundreds of millions. The result is that Swift's music can be used however they wish, and the company that owns it earns millions in royalties.

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Swift began this long project in 2021 with Fearless (Taylors Version), her first of half-dozen rerecorded albums. This album instantly became No. Swift reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and many songs were added to the Hot 100 and other Billboard charts. Swift announced shortly after the set's departure, that Red (Taylors Version), the second release in the string, would be released in November.

Red (Taylors Version) fans are still waiting for the first taste, but Wildest Dreams is (Taylors Version). The original song is featured on her 1989 full-length, which was a huge success. Although the timing of her single release is a little odd, her fans are not complaining. It could have been released in time for Spirit Untamed's animated film, which featured Wildest Dreams (Taylors Version), in the trailer. The children's movie was released in June, and it was only recently made available for home consumption.

Swift's original Wildest Dreams version was a huge hit, so there is a lot of excitement about the new version. It was the fifth single of 1989 and peaked at No. It reached No. 5 on the Hot 100 and became the fifth-highest charting single.