Microsoft’s new photos app for Windows 11 is a welcome redesign

Microsoft has begun testing a new Windows 11 photos app. The photos app, like many other parts, has been updated to reflect the new operating system. There are subtle improvements that make it easier to browse through photos and videos.
The most important addition is the new filmstip that appears at the bottom and shows thumbnails of all photos in a specific folder, collection or album. This makes it easier for you to navigate between them or to select multiple photos to access the multi-view interface.

Multi-view is my favorite feature. You can view multiple photos at once. This is ideal if you've been shooting for a while and need to quickly choose which photos to keep or to discard.

The photos app in Windows 10 had a fairly cluttered UI. Microsoft has simplified it slightly for Windows 11. By clicking on the photos, you can close the filmstrip and photo editing toolbars. You can also swipe between images with no distracting UI elements.

There are some new additions to the updated photo editing toolbar. Microsoft has added quick access to third party photo editors. This integration is possible through extensions. Apps like Corel PaintShip Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements support this integration.

Microsoft has not yet fixed the video trimming tool. The video trimming tool for the Windows 11 photos app will allow you to trim 60fps video. The app is still in beta and could be updated when it becomes fully functional in Windows 11. Microsoft seems to plan to roll it out to Windows 11 users following the launch of the October 5th app.

The updated photos app for Windows 11 testers on the Dev Channel is now available to test.