Ikea’s gaming range launches globally next month

Ikea's gaming-themed furniture, accessories and home décor now have official pricing and a global release time: October. This collection was first introduced to China in collaboration with Asus and Republic of Gamers (ROG).
The pricing ranges from inexpensive desk accessories such as a $10 cup holder and $12.99 mouse bungee to more expensive gaming chairs that cost between $69-$349 and a standing desk at $599. You can also use the wooden hand to hold your headphones or other accessories. This will cost you $24.99.

Ikea has more than 30 gaming products, which are divided into six product families. Only Uppspel, however, has products that were created in collaboration with Asus. According to the retailer, all the rest are Ikea originals that were created using the knowledge and insights gained through the collaboration in order to satisfy the different needs of gamers.

Many of the items in the range look like regular Ikea furniture with an aggressive black makeover. However, Ikea has a track record of producing generic versions of high-end products at a reasonable price that might make accessories such as the $34.99 Lnespelare Light worth a glance.