In internal memo, Apple says it is monitoring legal challenges to Texas abortion law – TechCrunch

Apple today posted a message on an internal message board to inform employees that it was closely monitoring legal challenges to the Texas law regarding abortion that it calls "uniquely restrictive". TechCrunch was confirmed by Apple that the message was authentic.
The unsigned memo states that we are monitoring the legal proceedings against Texas's extremely restrictive abortion law. We want to remind everyone that Apple's benefits are comprehensive and allow employees to travel to other states for medical care when it is not available in their home state.

The law bans abortions in their vast majority and is currently being challenged in various ways. Recent days have seen a number of companies from tech and non-tech take public positions against the law. Salesforce offered to relocate employees in Texas who are concerned about their ability to access reproductive health care in Texas after the law was enacted. Match Group and Bumble both Texas-based companies, offered to pay travel expenses for employees who needed care outside of Texas.

Although the message doesn't detail any additional actions Apple may take to oppose the bill, it states that Apple supports employees' rights to make their own decisions about their reproductive health.

Apple is a major employer in Texas. It has a campus in Austin that houses thousands of people, as well as a manufacturing facility and numerous Apple stores throughout the state.

Below is the full text of this message: