Oppo shows off new ColorOS 12 following OnePlus merger

Oppo announced ColorOS 12, its latest Android-based operating software. This update will be available for both OnePlus phones and Oppos' own phones in China. OnePlus uses ColorOS from early this year. OnePlus announced recently that it will combine the codebases of OxygenOS and ColorOS as a result of the merging of several operations.
ColorOS 12 isn't very different from 11. However, it uses more contrasting colors and white spaces with a lower information density across many screens. To make use of texture and depth, icons have been subtley redesigned. Oppo claims that the UI has been improved by more than 300 animations. An AI engine is also used to reduce lags and stuttering.

ColorOS 12 is built on Android 12 and incorporates the new privacy tools. For example, ColorOS 12 adds a notification to the status bar whenever apps activate the microphone or camera. Oppo will add new features such as the ability to use its phones with a Windows 10 or 11 laptop. There are also more tools in the sidebar that can easily be swiped in from near the edge of the screen and an oddly familiar 3D avatar feature called... Omoji. Yes.

ColorOS 12 will be first available on the Oppos flagship Find X3 Pro phone in the Photographer Edition. A limited public beta will be held in China in October for the Find X3 series as well as the OnePlus 9 series. It will expand to older models in November and Dec. Oppo estimates that ColorOS 12 will be available on more than 110 phones and 150 million worldwide users.