Covid-19 dashboard: Cases, deaths and vaccinations

These charts show the number of covid-19-related deaths, cases and deaths as well as the proportion of fully vaccinated people by country. Logarithmic scales were used to help us compare trends across countries. Get the daily covid-19 update to stay up-to-date with the latest coronavirus news.

Data is updated every week. Data as of September 6, 2018.

This chart was created using data from Johns Hopkins University. It is useful to see trends in outbreaks in different countries. An upwards diagonal line showing an outbreak growing exponentially is a sign that it is increasing rapidly, and a curve-shaped upwards line showing an outbreak in decline is an indication that it is slowing down. Factors such as delayed reporting or limited testing can affect the accuracy of the data. This is not the true number of cases in each country.


There are differences in how countries report deaths. The true number will likely be higher than the one shown.

It is possible to compare the countries that have suffered the most by plotting the deaths per million in each country. These caveats also apply: Some countries do better at reporting deaths than others.

For countries that report the doses administered in two doses, the number of people who are fully vaccinated.