Joni Ernst’s Attack On Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Has People Saying, 'Wait, What?'

Sen. Joni Ernst (Republican from Iowa) raised eyebrows when it was claimed that President Joe Biden's new COVID-19 vaccination mandates were a distraction away 9/11.
They lead by coercion, Ernst said Friday on Fox News. He joined the chorus of GOP criticisms levelled at Biden's plans to end the pandemic.

Ernst said that he agreed with many of his colleagues who believe that this is a distraction from 9/11. This is a diversion from the 20th anniversary and the disaster that was his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Sen. Joni Ernst claims Biden's new vaccine plan is a "diversion away from 9/11" Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) September 10, 2021

Twitter critics issued a collective, "huh?" response to Ernst's 9/11 comments.

Ernst was also reminded by some that Biden will be spending the anniversary at all three crash sites. The former President Donald Trump will also be commenting on Evander Holyfield's boxing return.

Oh, wait! I was so distracted by the pandemic hooha that I completely forgot about 9/11.

Joni, the advocate for truth and hog casting, is a blessing from God.

If she hadn't reminded me, I wouldn't have remembered that horrible day.

Joe Biden, you clever devil.

I see you Jo (@JoJoFromJerz) September 10, 2021

Wait, what? Jeff Dannenberg (@jecrda) September 11, 2021

If this statement by Sen. Ernst is not clear to you, please explain to me. Republicans would be blaming Pres. Biden is responsible for a rainy day, and simultaneously for the Sun rising again. Cathy Coleman (@CathyJoeGPT) September 10, 2021

This is a diversion from an event in which he will not only be appearing at Ground Zero and the Pentagon but also at Fl. What happened to the 93 crash site These men really need to stretch for some criticisms. Good Hart Girl (@GoodHart1989) September 10, 2020

Guess @JoniErnst didn’t know that Trump’s plans to commemorate the 20th anniversary 9/11 are based on promoting a boxing match. The Republican Accountability Project (@AccountableGOP) September 10, 2021

What about the big boxing match her prez will be broadcasting on 9/11? Denise Helland (@mountain58), September 10, 2021

"A diversion from 9/11"

It's been 20 Years since jfc Reese was (@JackJackington), September 10, 2021

What was the thing that happened 20-years ago?

Is she really saying that? pizzmoe #VaxUpOrShutUp (@pizzmoe) September 10, 2021

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