Jimmy Kimmel Rips Mike Pence For 'Most Obliviously Hilarious Statement' Of 2021 So Far

Former Vice President Mike Pence pointed out the language President Joe Biden used when he announced broad new COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Jimmy Kimmel was not happy about it.
Fox News reported that Vice President Mike Pence said that Biden's comments about the unvaccinated, that theyve been patient but that our patience is wearing thin, was something Pence had never heard. This is not the way that the American people expect their elected leaders to speak to them.


Kimmel said that it was possibly the most absurdly funny statement of the year.

True leader would say things like "Take off your stupid Space Force cap and wash me golf clubs, you pasty bitch," the comedian laughed, referring to Pences decadeslong deference towards Donald Trump.

Kimmel also saw the Pence line, which may have made the ex-president angry.

You can watch the video below:

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