You May Have to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine to Fly

Here's a good reason to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination if you haven't yet had the opportunity. Jeff Zients, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, suggested Friday that domestic travel to the U.S. might soon require the jab.

Zients answered reporters' questions at a press conference, asking if the Biden administrations mandates for vaccines or testing might soon become mandatory for domestic flights. He said that this measure could be part of further actions the White House is planning for the coronavirus response.

Zients stated that overall, Zients believes we have a strong track record, which shows that we were using all available levers to obtain vaccinations and not taking any other measures.

These remarks seem to be in line with the more aggressive tactics that the White House employs against the vaccination-reluctant masses across the country. Joe Biden announced on Thursday a six-pronged strategy to stop the resurgence of pandemics across the country. A large portion of this plan included mandates for vaccines.

These new proposals will make coronavirus vaccinations mandatory for most federal employees. Businesses with more than 100 employees would have to mandate vaccines for all workers or test them weekly. The proposal stipulates that companies who fail to comply with this rule will be fined $14,000 per violation, but there would be a grace period.

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Biden's plan also included stiffer penalties for travelers who violate the TSAs mandates to raise the minimum penalty to $500

Can you really blame the Biden Administration, for using some of these harsher tactics? As of the writing of this article, CDC records indicate that states such as Alabama and Idaho report less than 40% of their residents have been vaccinated. States like Missouri, Texas and Georgia report less then 50%. There are many reasons why people can't get vaccinated, including those who are too young or have certain autoimmune conditions. However, there are plenty of reasons that these states don't allow them to. These never-vaccinators might be compelled to comply with some mandates.