NBA Exploring Possibilities for Future 'Field of Dreams'-Style Game

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images
The NBA hopes to host games in non-traditional venues after the success of the NHL's Winter Classic game and the MLB's Field of Dreams.

Evan Wasch, NBA Executive Vice President, stated on The Crossover podcast that the Association is still exploring the possibility of outdoor games and putting up hardwood floors in other places than its arenas.

Per Wasch (h/t NBC Sports' Dan Feldman):

"The most concerning concern is the basketball court you highlighted, whether it has a blacktop and injury issues or a wooden court outdoors with humidity concerns and moisture that can build up on the court due to the rain. All of these things are important.

"We've looked into it and will continue to discuss it. The 'Field of Dreams" game was an incredibly popular success. It is no surprise that the Field of Dreams game has been the subject of some discussion. The logistical challenges that a basketball game outdoors presents are much more complex than those of a baseball game which is, naturally, already outside.

The hardest part is figuring out how to host a safe NBA game in a nontraditional venue. Picking a venue is the easier part.

New York City's Rucker Park in Harlem instantly comes to mind. Chicago's Grant Park, Santa Monica's boardwalk in Southern California, Miami’s South Beach, and any Indiana cornfields are all great options.

The league should not be constrained by its imagination as long as it is open to new ideas.


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