Teen said he had ‘weird feeling’ that he was about to be robbed of gun — so he shot first

Newport News' 18-year old man claimed that a teenager and a man were about to rob his gun. He shot them both first.
Diontae Flythe stated to detectives that he had taken a 9mm Taurus handgun off a neighbor's couch and placed it in his pocket shortly before the Wickham Avenue shooting at 6:20 p.m.

He said that he heard Malicah Antonio Forbes (20 years old) talking to his apartment about selling a Taurus firearm.

According to a Newport News General District Court criminal complaint, Flythe claimed that he believed Forbes was talking about the gun he had in his hand.

Flythe also stated to detectives that he overheard Maalik Herbert Eds, 17, talking on the phone and that he wanted him to leave.

Flythe believed that Edwards and Forbes planned to rob him, Detective M.A. Police. Clarke stated in the complaint. Flythe left the bathroom and pointed his gun at Forbes. He then pulled the trigger.

However, there was no round in this chamber.

Forbes tried to reach for his firearm which was on his hip. However, Flythe was able slide a new round into his chamber and shoot first.

The complaint stated that Flythe then shot Edwards twice and caused him to fall in his kitchen.

Flythe and Forbes ran out of the house Flythe out the back and Forbes out the front. The complaint stated that Flythe fired twice at Forbes outside, near 36th Street, Wickham Avenue.

ShotSpotter, a system that uses acoustic signals to locate gunshot sites, alerted police about a shooting. The complaint stated that Flythe was soon seen running past two officers in the vicinity, wearing nothing but a shirt and holding a gun.

According to a search warrant affidavit, he threw the weapon near railroad tracks. Officers caught up to him and located the firearm.

Forbes was admitted to Riverside Regional Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. His condition could not be confirmed Friday.

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Officers responding to the call heard screams from Wickham Avenue. Edwards was found with multiple gunshot wounds in his kitchen.

On the spot, he was declared dead.

Flythe was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated malicious wounding, as well as several other gun charges.

Flythe admitted to having shot Edwards and Forbes during interrogation Monday night.

Flythe stated that he lived in Wickham Avenue with his aunt, brother, and teenage cousin. Flythe said Edwards lived in the house on and off, and Flythe claimed that Edwards' unborn child was his cousin.

Flythe said that he felt a strange sensation when Forbes arrived at his home Monday.

Flythe's neighbor wasn't home, according to the complaint. Flythe claimed he went in and stole the gun from the couch. Flythe then returned home, got dressed and packed his bags. He overheard Forbes and Edwards talking on the phone.

Edwards' 16-year-old girlfriend claimed that Edwards killed her cousin. She said he was looking forward seven months to the birth of his baby girl.

She said that he was only focused on having a child. He was focused on having a baby. He was sweet, funny, and goofy. To be completely honest, he loved to eat.

The Daily Press was informed by the neighbor next door that Flythes story of retrieving a gun from Flythes couch wasn't true.

Ebony Beamon, a neighbor, stated that he claimed he found the gun and came to my home. He didn't come in here, I was there, he was home.

She said Edwards' girlfriend was the only one who came to her house that night. Beamon stated that I was trying to console her.

Flythe is scheduled for a probable cause hearing on Nov. 10, regarding the murder charge and related gun charges.

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