Dragonlance Creators Announce New D&D Compatible RPG Setting

Tracy and Laura Hickman, husband and wife team, created Ravenloft, and Dragonlance. These settings are two of D&D's most beloved classic settings. The Hickmans now have their eyes on a new setting for tabletop roleplaying. Although it is not part of D&D, it leverages the most recent systems mechanical underpinnings.


Polygon reports that the Hickmans lifted the lid on Skyraiders of Abarax. This fantasy setting of flying dragons and airships has been revealed by the Hickmans. The toolkit allows RPGs to use the basic systems of the current D&D iteration for custom settings and campaigns. It also underpins everything, from Kickstarter hit Auroboros (from Chris Metzens Warchief Gaming) to the newly released Critical Role Taldorei Reborn resourcebook (which is separate from the D&D&D-s Guide to Wildemount).

The Hickmans are excited about the announcement of Skyradiers in Abarax. In response to a lawsuit filed against Wizards of the Coast in late 2020, Tracy Hickman, co-creator of Dragonlance, and Margaret Weis, announced earlier this year that a new trilogy of novels set in the beloved setting would be published sometime in 2021. The lawsuit sought $10 million in damages. It claimed that Wizards had breached Weis' and Hickmans 2018 contract for a Dragonlance trilogy. This was after the studio allegedly stopped reviewing drafts of the series. The announcement of the new trilogy came just weeks after Weis & Hickman had dropped the suit. The authors made no statement other than to say that the matter was resolved privately between them and Wizards.

Skyraiders of Aberax will have more details in the fall months. The settings living tomes will launch a Kickstarter campaign.

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