2 siblings charged in the Capitol riot are asking for their GPS ankle monitors to be removed so one can give a water birth and the other can go hiking

Konold and Cory, her brother, are circled in red to the right. They were seen marching towards Capitol Hill with a group Proud Boys on January 6th. United States District Court for the District of Columbia
Two siblings are asking for their ankle bracelets to be removed after being charged in the Capitol Riot of January 6.

Court documents state that one sibling wanted it removed to allow her to have a waterbirth in October.

It is being requested by the other sibling to be removed in order for him to go hiking and avoid any complications at work.

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Two siblings were charged in the Capitol Riot. They filed separate court motions asking that their GPS ankle monitors be removed so one can give birth and the other can hike and "maintain her health".

Felicia Konold and Cory Konold, both from Arizona, are accused of pushing through multiple police barricades to enter the Capitol with a larger group. Federal prosecutors claim that both of their siblings dismantled crash barriers used by Capitol police to stop rioters from moving further.

Felicia Konold's attorney noted in a September 8 motion that Felicia was due October 1st and that he wanted to remove her ankle bracelet.

The motion stated that the defendant was planning to have a water birth and that the Stand Alone Monitoring continued restrictions would hinder her ability to do so.

Also, Felicia Konold's lawyer stated that removing the device would allow Felicia to attend appointments with her newborn and take her older son on outings such as field trips.

According to Felicia Konold's lawyer, Felicia used to work as a veterinarian technician. However, due to the GPS monitoring and the complications and restrictions that it imposes, she has had to "terminate" three opportunities.

Felicia Konold, her lawyer stated that she is "without income and must rely on the charity of others".

Cory Konold, her brother, stated in his motion of September 9th that the device had jeopardized him as a line installer and digger for a cable company.

His lawyer stated that Mr. Konold had to quit unexpectedly due to malfunctions with Stand Alone Monitoring with GPS. He lost full days of work as the device locks after he returns home to fix the problem.

He also stated that Cory Konold's limitations on hiking outside have "effected his ability maintain physical fitness."

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