Hugh Laurie, Who Played Dr. House, Appears to Have Just Brutally Roasted Anti-Vaxxers

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Hugh Laurie, an actor most well-known for his role in House MD, took to Twitter today and roasted the anti-vaccination movement. We are pretty certain he did.

The injunction to think for yourself is very inspiring until I realize that 99 percent of the concepts I depend on every day to survive are not my own. Laurie, a contemplative Laurie, wrote: I am extremely grateful for those who thought for me.

Actor John Goodman has been a long-standing proponent of science, vaccines, and this is not only because of the now-famous House scene in which he had a patient receive a harsh wakeup call about refusing to take vaccines.

Anti-vaccine movements, particularly in the US are a problem. It is directly contributing to the escalating number of COVID-19-related deaths and cases, which probably inspired Laurie's current zinger.



This is a hot topic that has never been more important. President Joe Biden has imposed federal vaccine mandates on the majority of US workers this Week after the country's vaccination rates dropped to an absolute halt over the summer despite ample availability.

Although we don't know if Laurie was referring to the anti-vaccine movement in his latest tweet, there are some indications that he was referring to anti-vaxxers.

Laurie reached out to the medical community in December after enduring a difficult period during the COVID pandemic.

He wrote that I'm sure many people have already said it, but I havent seen it anywhere.



This is a thoughtful comment by the actor who has for many years been a TV's most famous doctor. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 62 percent are fully vaccinated.

It is a matter of trust on an enormous scale. While thinking for yourself is a virtue, it's even more important to work with others in tackling a crisis of this magnitude.

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