‘It’s about time’: Biden puts the screws on the unvaccinated

Simple answer: While public and private polls have shown strong support for vaccine mandates in the past, other numbers have fallen such as Bidens approval ratings. Bidens polling average of 44 percent is down several points over the past weeks. There is little political risk in mandating a risk-averse government. There are not many policy options left.
Instead of focusing on Americans who feel they have done everything right, those who wear masks and get their shots are likely to be supporters of Biden, Democrats, and Biden. He is putting the responsibility on the unvaccinated, and Republican officials, especially governors, who stand in his way.

We cannot allow a radicalized minority, anti-science, and anti-reason, to drive policymaking. No issue of national significance will ever be addressed effectively, stated Ben LaBolt (ex-Obama spokesperson) and Democratic strategist. He also said that Americans will judge Biden on how he manages the pandemic as well as how the economy performs. He is taking strong actions to improve both these outcomes.

There are many reasons why the White House has been reluctant to impose mandates. Biden, the president-elect, stated in December that he would not impose them, locking him into a position at most temporarily.

Another reason is that the administration miscalculated. As evidenced by an early Fourth of July celebration, the White House believed its vaccine search would be better by now.

There were also missteps. The administration removed all guidance and mask mandates in May. Although the guidance was intended for those who had been vaccinated, it quickly became apparent that non-vaccinated people wouldn't wear masks if there weren't mandates. As the summer went on, more people became interested in business without masks. All this happened at a time that the White House was still months away from reaching its goal of vaccinations for 75 percent of adults.

Initial polling numbers for the Delta variant were strong. Surveys showed that Biden's tougher stance was well-received and posed a lower political risk than originally thought. However, infections continued to spread and hospitalizations rose.

Officials had to make sure they were legal even as they reviewed the options for mandates. They did not want to scare away Americans who might still be interested in getting vaccinated. On Thursday, senior administration officials cited OSHA emergency guidelines that state that a standard (vaccination), is required when employees are in grave danger of exposure to Covid-19. Officials in the senior administration estimate that the new mandates will affect approximately two-thirds the U.S. workforce. However, opponents have threatened court action.

California's effect

Biden's aggressive position follows the steps taken by Democratic mayors and governors who sought to take the offensive in the face of the Delta variant's surges. Most notably, California Gov. After he began running on mandates and pushing back against opponents to vaccine requirements, Gavin Newsom's lead in recall elections grew.

Kamala Harris, Vice President, joined Newsom at a rally in California this Week, asking voters to reject a recall campaign that was fuelled, in large part by Newsom's handling of the virus. Some business owners found these steps excessively burdensome.

Recent weeks have seen Newsom and Democrats in California reframe the race as literally life or death. They point to resistance from the Republican field and contrast it with Newsom's strict orders regarding vaccinations and masks. These moves had a significant impact across the state. San Francisco schools have reported zero Covid outbreaks since Thursday, and they are the ones that have vaccinated most of their students. Los Angeles schools are moving to require that all students aged 12 or older get the vaccine.

Newsom stated that this election is about life and death at the event with Harris. This directly compares his state's health outcomes to those of Texas, Florida and Tennessee as well as Alabama, Georgia, Georgia, and Alabama.

California has one of the lowest [Covid] cases rates and the highest vaccination rates in America. This is because Californians believe in science and public health. He said that they were not ideological and were open to debate and interested in evidence.

Maslin stated that this messaging helped Newsoms secure their numbers over the past month.

Maslin stated that they began to make a distinction between Newsom's Covid work and the beliefs of Larry Elder and other Republicans, and what they would do. You will know next week if he wins by a substantial margin.

Biden and Newsom stories will collide in earnest Monday when the president meets the governor in Long Beach (Calif.), a city that was severely affected by Covid. Robert Garcia, Long Beach Mayor, was a surrogate for Biden and Newsom. He lost Gaby ODonnell, his mother, and Greg ODonnell, his stepfather to the virus last year.

His handling of Covid was a strength of Biden's advisors.


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