Facebook: Taping Over Camera LED on Our Glasses is a TOS Violation

These are the kind of things you would spend $299 on.
Creeper Glasses

Ray-Ban and Facebook have teamed up to create a pair smart sunglasses that no one asked for.

It is both creepy and familiar. The sunglasses frame has a small, spy-sized camera that allows everyone to creep on their neighbors while remaining unnoticed. They are a simple smartphone camera attached to glasses.

The announcement should not be surprising considering Facebook's poor privacy record. However, you would think that they would have known better by now. Did we mention that they were $299 expensive?


The camera has a small LED light that is placed next to it to alert those around it.



You could cover it with some tape. BuzzFeed News was told by Alex Himel, VP of Facebook Reality Labs, that this would be against the terms of service for glasses.

This is, however, impossible to enforce. Thanks, Zuckerberg!


BuzzFeed reports that the social media network had to make the LED light part of the sunglasses' original design after consulting privacy groups.

Many unsuccessful and failed attempts have been made to bring smart glasses on the market. Snapchats Spectacles and Google Glass are two examples. Amazon even tried to profit from the trend.



It is anyone's guess as to where this leaves Facebooks Ray-Bans. This is a fascinating product that Facebook should have left on the R&D cutting room floor.

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