The call that wasn’t last night, and the impact sports gambling and fantasy are having

Since sports gambling became legalized, more leagues and teams have signed their own agreements with online betting companies. There has been concern from some parts of the sporting media about its potential impact.


Are there games to be played? Will points be shaved off? How can people watch sports when they have more money on outcomes that aren't even the final score? This was evident with Shelby Rogers and Sloane Stevens, who both lamented the deluges of hate and ugliness they would see on social networks after losing.

Gambling would not make social media harassment or abuse disappear. Europe has legalized sports betting for some time, and there has rarely been any scandal in team sports. Tennis has had its share of problems.

People have been able to see the negative effects of gambling on sports for years. This was evident in the Tampa offensive pass interference, which wasn't called against them. Chris Godwin shoved Jourdan out into the garage before making his crucial catch to set up the Bucs winning field goal.

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For more than a decade, the NFL has been cuffing defenses and making defensive pass interference a regular play. There is a lot of resistance. It is not, as most fantasy football fans want more yards for their quarterbacks and wide receivers. They also want more touchdowns for their running backs, QBs, and WRs. It is absurd to think that fantasy football has nothing to do the NFL's years-long bending of the rules for the offense and passing game. This is how most fantasy football fans view the game, at least when their favorite team is not playing. Let the fans have what they want.

Cowboys fans will be furious this morning. The NFL knows that there are many more people who would be happy to receive tenths of an extra point from Godwin or Tom Brady. The NFL is aware of this. It's easy to see: How many of your friends have sent you draft results? How many friends did you send yours? The prosecution is over.