Have ‘The Privacy Talk’ with your business partners – TechCrunch

I am used to having difficult conversations with teenager parents about complex topics. Many parents will agree with me that these conversations are never easy, but you develop a plan of attack, how to be clear, and how to answer difficult questions.
Like many parents, I learned quickly that my children have as much to learn from me as I do. Trust is built through tough conversations.

This lesson on trust-building conversations has been applied to an important aspect of my role at Foursquare as chief legal officer: Conducting the Privacy Talk.

This discussion should provide an overview of how legislative and regulatory environments will affect product offerings. It should also discuss what is being done to stay ahead of those changes.

What is The Privacy Talk?

This conversation goes beyond the published privacy policy and delve deep into the ethics of a vendor, customer, supplier, or partner. This conversation aims to align expectations between two companies at the start of a new relationship.

RFIs might ask many questions about data ethics, privacy compliance, and information security. It is not enough to ask your potential partner to get on a Zoom to show you their wider approach. It can be difficult to tell if a partner is truly thinking strategically about privacy unless you have heard it.