Cam Newton shares surprise at New England Patriots release, didn't think Mac Jones would be comfortable with him as backup

Cam Newton, a free-agent quarterback, said that he didn’t see his release by the New England Patriots as coming in his first comments since the team had cut him 10 days earlier.
"Did it surprise me being released?" Newton stated in a Friday morning video that it was absolutely.

Newton made his remarks in a YouTube Live video, in which he sat down on the Atlanta football field with Cecil, his father.

Newton said to his father that he believed his five-day absence from Patriots due a COVID-19 protocol "misunderstanding in August" was the main reason for his release. However, he added that he began to see signs of change during that time. Do you think this would have occurred if I hadn't been away for five days? Yes, it is. It was inevitable. It helped ease the decision. It did.

Newton stated that he would be willing to act as a backup for rookie Mac Jones, but that Jones wouldn't have been happy with such an arrangement.

"Let's be real with each other. Newton replied, "Cam, we're giving the team to Mac; you're going be second string; and we expect you be everything and some of his guidance throughout this tenure," I would have answered, "Absolutely." But, listen, the truth is that he would have been uncomfortable.

Newton stated that Jones was a pleasure to work with, while also adding that Jones "didn't beat him out." But I would have been distracting. They knew that he would be a distraction if they had given him the starting position.

"If they had asked me, "Cam, we're giving the team to Mac [Jones], and you're going second-string; he expects you to be everything, some to guide him through this tenure," I would have replied, "Absolutely." Listen, the truth is that he would have been uncomfortable.

Newton, 32, said that he wasn't retiring and shared his view of how things have changed in practice.

Newton stated, "It was that time when I found out about the release and started to see things differently. I think I was getting two reps to his 10, so it was beginning to make sense." "Even though it was my first time, that doesn’t necessarily mean I did nothing.

"I believe that's where they did an excellent job of kind of hiding it: Cam took first-team representatives today. The practice structure was not known by the media members. The first-team descends, then the second team returns, then the first team again. That's when Jones was getting his first-team reps.

Newton also spoke out about what had happened to him and the COVID-19 protocols. He stated that he was on a trip for a second opinion regarding his foot. In 2019, he had surgery for a Lisfranc Injury.

"This was nothing to do no vaccination. They gave me permission to go. I am owed a second opinion. Newton stated that this was the last time he felt I would have an opportunity for a second opinion. Although the Patriots personnel were not able to give me all the information I needed, having four eyes on the matter is better than two. It wasn't like I was in pain or had any problems. I wanted to see the doctor who had diagnosed me with Lisfranc. I felt obliged to do a six-month checkup.

"I checked all the boxes and I did all the checks. Then I found out that I needed to stand out. That's when I felt like I was being bamboozled by Y'all telling me to go. It wasn't like, "Cam, you know, if you go you take it on your own risk."

Newton was asked if he would do so if he knew the situation.

Newton shared how shocked he was to learn of his release. He said that he arrived at Gillette Stadium on August 31st around 8 a.m. and had to call his driver back eight minutes later. He claimed that he was told by Bill Belichick that he wanted to see him but that the coach was in an office different than usual.

Newton stated that Matt Patricia, the senior football advisor for the Patriots, was present. Bill was also there. Newton said that they greeted each others and started talking. "They told me that they would give the reins over to Mac at that point. I thought it was cool. I was like, "Cool." It didn't occur to me that Y'all were releasing me. It was confusing. All of us were stunned. It was uncomfortable for everyone.

"... "... My aura. It's both my gift and curse. Cam Newton is an interesting person to bring into your facility and franchise. Why is he wearing his hair down? Why does he talk so much? Why does he act? He performs because he has to. All these questions.