Apple fires Ashley Gjøvik, senior employee who alleged sexism at work

Ashley Gjvik was a senior engineer program manager at Apple. She's spoken out about her experiences working with the tech giant and has been fired. Gjvik claimed she was subject to sexism, harassment and hostile work environments while working at Apple. She spent many months talking with the company about this. Gizmodo's Dell Cameron tweeted that Apple had asked Gjvik to give a talk today. Apple responded that she had "chosen to not participate in the discussion" when she asked for the conversation via email. She was fired hours later.
Gjvik posted a tweet in August stating that she was placed on indefinite administrative leave. She had raised concerns about sexism at work and a hostile work environment. Gjvik was also discouraged from using company Slack, where she had openly criticized Apple. She complained that the tech giant made her sound less authoritative during presentations. It was also said that she was allowed to receive complaints about her diversity training, such as those who found her too hard on the white male. In a tweet, the former Apple engineer stated that her company had told her that it was fine for a male colleague to ask her out for drinks. They also talked about his mistresses and cheating all day.

Gjvik filed a US National Labor Relations Board complaint against Apple by August 31st, alleging 13 incidents of retaliation. She claimed she was subject to workplace harassment in her complaint. She claimed that her supervisory responsibilities were transferred to others while she was given unwelcome tasks.

According to her, she was not unprepared for being fired. She stated that she began preparing for the worst when she raised workplace safety concerns in March. After almost immediately facing intimidation and retaliation, she said, "I started preparing myself for exactly such a thing to happen. It is disappointing that a company I've loved since childhood would treat its employees in this manner.

Apple released a statement when the Gjvik news broke: "We are and have been deeply committed to creating an inclusive workplace. All concerns are taken seriously. We thoroughly investigate any concern raised. However, in order to respect the privacy of all involved, we don't discuss employee matters.