Andrew Yang to launch a third party

Crown, the book publisher, gave some clues as to the type of platform Yang might pursue. The book, which is described as an indictment on America's institutional failure, will expose us to the priests of America's decline and include politicians whose motivations have been separated from the people they are supposed to serve.
The book is blurbed in by Mark Cuban, a businessman, and The New York Times Kara Swisher. (Can there possibly be another political party? U.S .?...In forward, Yang doesn't just list all the intractable problems but also shows us how we can solve them if we are creative and have the courage to try new things.

Yang, a former businessman, surprised many with his outsider, creative campaigns for president and mayor. Yang's presidential campaign lasted longer than other experienced politicians and raised more money. However, he was not able to win votes. He quit shortly after the New Hampshire primary, and he faded in the polls when the mayoral race ended.

His main platform was the idea of a universal minimum income. This would see the government giving citizens a $1,000 monthly check. This was a unique policy proposal that didn't fit into either party's ideological framework and won Yang conversions from many online and media figures, some of whom were known as the Yang Gang.

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