The biggest announcements and best trailers from Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021

Sony is the latest videogame company to host a large virtual event. The PlayStation Showcase 2021 was a great success. The event was an opportunity to showcase some of the most anticipated games for the PS5 and, while Sony didn't talk much about the next generation of PlayStation VR, we were able see some highly-anticipated titles such as Spider-Man 2, God of War: Ragnarok and a remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. A few surprises were also revealed, such as a Wolverine-themed game.
This is everything you need to know about the showcase.

Sony opened the show by revealing a long-rumored reveal: the next-gen remake of the Star Wars role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic. We know nothing more than that it will be coming to the PS5.

Insomniac, the Spider-Man creator had lots of news. The studio is currently working on a sequel featuring Venom that will be released in 2023. It also has another superhero title, which will feature a mysterious Wolverine.

It's been a long time coming but the trailer for the God of War 2 sequel is now available. You can see what Kratos has been up to with Atreus.

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands will be released on a specific date

Gearbox's fantasy take on Borderlands, Tiny Tinas Wonderland has a new release date. The game will be available on March 25th. The new trailer gives you a glimpse of it.

Forspoken's new trailer is out

Forspoken, a curious title aside, is one of the most interesting action games on horizon. The latest trailer showcases the fast-paced combat and movement, as well as a variety of spells. It is expected to launch in spring 2010.

Remedy had already announced that it was remastering Alan Wake. Now, the developer has released a short trailer showing what the new version looks like.

Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PS5 in March

Grand Theft Auto V's next-generation version, which was originally released in 2013, will be available on the PlayStation 5 next year. It is expected to debut in March. GTA Online, the immensely popular game, will also be available.

Ghostwire Tokyo looks hot

Ghostwire: Tokyo from Tango Gameworks looks incredible. The new trailer for the game can be seen above. It is scheduled to launch on PS5 or PC in spring.

Radiohead has teamed up with Epic, Fortnite's developer. The project is described as an upside down digital / analog universe made from Thom Yorke's original artwork and audio design of Nigel Godrich. It is dedicated to Radiohead's debut album, Kid A, and Amnesiac.

Two of the most recent Uncharted games, A Thiefs End & Lost Legacy, will be remastered. Surprise! They're coming to the PS5 and the PC, too. They are expected to arrive in the new year.

Sony's premier racing series would not be an event, so it was great to see the new Gran Turismo 7 trailer. The game will be released on March 4, 2022.