Elon Musk: Next Full Self-Driving Beta “Will Blow Your Mind”

Did Tesla really do its homework?
Blowing Minds

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the next beta version (FSD) of Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD), will blow your mind.

Although the driver assistance feature doesn't allow Tesla vehicles to drive fully autonomously, it does give drivers more control over their driving. It was first released to a few brave volunteers last year. They took the software out on public roads.

Tesla is now slowly getting ready for the beta to be released to a larger audience.

Musk said that expansion will be gradual and based on safety. He was responding to questions about Musk's tweet on Thursday. Musk is still proving that it's a big moment for Musk.



Not 100 Percent

It's probably a good thing Musk focuses on safety. Musk acknowledged late last month that the FSD beta version he used was not good, but Autopilot/AI is working hard to make it better.

The futuristic software's earlier versions have been found to be a bit rough around the edges. A June video showed a Tesla Model 3 being misunderstood by a truck with traffic lights along a highway.

Making mistakes in self-driving could lead to costly consequences. Recently, Tesla's Autopilot feature (a broader suite of software with FSD as an optional $10,000 add-on) was the subject of an investigation by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Investigators are investigating a series accidents in which Teslas crashed into emergency vehicles while they were on Autopilot.



Despite the promises, there is always the possibility of harm. Full Self-Driving, which includes automatic lane changes, driving on streets and complex intersections, is a step beyond Autopilot.

It is a crucial moment for Tesla and the risks are real. Let's hope Tesla did its homework.

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