Choice Privileges Selling Points With A Bonus

Choice Privileges just launched a new promotion on purchased points. This could be a great deal.
Purchase Choice Privileges points and receive a 30% bonus

Choice Privileges will be offering a discount on all purchased points through Monday, September 27, 2021. Choice Privileges is offering the following tiered bonus on points purchased:

Get a 20% Bonus when you Buy between 4,000 and 7,000 Points

Purchase 8,000-15,000 points and receive a 25% bonus

Purchase 16,000-180,000 points and receive a 30% bonus

You may be eligible for different offers from different accounts. To find out what you are eligible for, log in to your Choice Privileges Account. Choice Privileges normally allows members to purchase up to 180,000 points per calendar year (prebonus), but this promotion raises that limit to 250,000 points.

You could buy a total 325,000 points, including 75,000 bonus points, if you reach the maximum amount of this promotion. This is a cost of 0.76 per point.

Choice usually offers a discount of 25-30% or a bonus of 30-40% when they offer a promotion on purchased point. This promotion is similar to the usual deals, but it does offer marginally better offers. This is why I would not speculatively buy points if there was no immediate use. However, the cost per point difference between these promotions is not significant.

Are Choice points worth the investment?

Travis has previously written about why Choice points are worth purchasing. Choice is a strong choice in Northern Europe where hotels can be costly. Travis has used 16,000 points to redeem at hotels such as the Clarion Collection Hotels Folketeateret or the Clarion Collection Hotels Bastion.

You can buy points to these stays for 0.76 cents per night. This is a great deal considering that these hotels offer free breakfast and dinner.

One of the major drawbacks to Choice Privileges was the fact that you could only redeem your award within 30 days for properties in the United States or Canada, and 60 days for properties elsewhere. Choice changed this policy in 2018 and now you can book up to 100-days out.

Which credit card should you use to buy Choice points?

Points purchased by Choice Privileges are processed through They do not count as hotel purchases for credit card spending.

So I recommend that you use a card with a minimum amount of spending. If possible, choose a credit card that maximizes the return on your everyday spending.

Bottom line

Choice Privileges sells points for up to 30% off. This is a chance to purchase points at 0.76 per piece. This could be a great deal, especially for redemptions in Northern Europe where hotels can be quite expensive.

Are you planning to buy Choice Privileges points in the future?