Tesla Locks Down Patent for Laser Windshield Wipers

It is not clear if it works.
Laser Windshield Wipers

Tesla has secured a patent that is quite unusual: the use of laser beams to wipe windshields. This was first spotted by Electrek.

Is it textbook over-engineering? We weren't sure.

Patent application describes a cleaning system. It includes a beam optics assembly which emits a laser beam to irradiate an area on a glass article of vehicle.


It is not ideal to have laser beams beaming into the eyes of drivers.



Two laser wipers are shown in the application's barebones photos. They are mounted at the vehicle's center, outlined by the hood.

Although the patent application was filed in May 2019, it was published later that same year, just as Tesla's futuristic Cybertruck was unveiled. According to Electrek, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent to the car company earlier in the week.

It's unlikely that Tesla will ever introduce laser wipers, as it is only a patent. Another patent suggests that wipers by Tesla could also be made using electromagnetic technology.

Although it is a gimmicky concept, it's a Tesla thing. Cybertruck, now delayed, will have many other oddball design features.



SpaceX may be an option for the company's Roadster. This will allow it to use actual rocket thrusters in case laser windshield wipers don't sound sci-fi enough.

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