Tinder adds a new home for interactive, social features with launch of Tinder Explore – TechCrunch

Tinder will be re-designing its app to place a greater emphasis on its interactive, social features. Explore is a new section that will highlight events like the return to Swipe Night. It also includes ways to find matches by interests and engage in quick chats prior to a match being made. These changes combine to make Tinder more social and less match-based.
This could appeal to a younger generation who may feel that traditional online dating is losing its novelty. These users now turn to apps to find new friends. Newcomers to the dating industry are trying out other ways to connect users, such as short videos like Snack or audio as SwoonMe. These market shifts could have been a threat to Tinder's business. Instead, Tinder has increased its interactivity to maintain its dominant position and make it a core part of the Tinder experience.

Tinder Explore will launch with a few existing features and a new way for people to connect. This allows users to find others who share similar interests such as Foodies, Music Lovers and Entrepreneurs. Tinder users will see more interests over time. This will make it easier for them to find people based on their personality and not just their looks.

Tinders Swipe Night will be available in Explore. This interactive series, which launched in 2019, is an in-app choice your own adventure story that helped boost Tinder engagement. It also gave users a reason for relaunching the app at a particular time. Swipe Night was hailed by Tinder as a success. The feature attracted more than 20 million users in its first run, and resulted in a 26% increase of matches. The series will be back in November with new characters, and a new storyline. The Fast Chat feature, which allows users unmatched to chat, will be used by the series.

Tinder Explore will feature Hot Takes, which is described by the company as a low-stakes way for users to meet. Users who chat can decide if they want to meet up after the timer runs out. They can meet someone similar online if the timer runs out. Millions of Tinder users have tried Hot Takes since its launch in July. It is available only from 6pm to midnight local time.

Tinder Explore is more than just the features it hosts now. It's also about what the company has in the future. Match, Tinder's parent company, bought Hyperconnect, a Korean social networking site for $1.73billion. This was its largest acquisition to date. It is now planning to use Hyperconnects IP for a better online dating experience. The company announced plans to add audio-video chat and group live video to several of its top dating apps, including Tinder.

Tinder Explore is a platform that could allow for features such as this to be added later. Tinder suggests0s that Tinder may hint towards0s by noting the section's purpose, which is to provide users with access to a growing number of social experiences and many more to come.

In a company announcement, Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone stated that a new generation of daters wants more from us in the post Covid world. He said that they want more ways to have fun, interact with other people virtually, and more control over who they meet through Tinder. He said that today's launch of Explore was a significant step in creating a richer, multi-dimensional and interactive experience for Tinder members.

Tinder Explore was launched in English-speaking countries on Wednesday, September 8th and will be globally available by mid-October.