Best PS4 Games in 2021: Top PlayStation games ranked

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The Best Exclusives

Source: Insomniac Games

PlayStation's exclusives catalog is what makes it unique. It contains some of the best games in the industry. There are many great PS4 games. Whether you're looking to go on a treasure hunt or jump into the post-apocalypse, there's plenty. These are just a few of the best first-party games. God of War

God of War, an iconic series, received a major overhaul with God of War (2018). As Sony Santa Monica led us through the Nine Realms, from Midgard to Helheim and met characters such as Jormungandr the world serpent and Thor's sons Magni & Modi, the Greek pantheon was replaced with Norse mythology. This story was a great one for the storybooks. It centers on an emotional adventure between Kratos' son and his father. This is a great example of a game narrative. The gameplay was also amazing, with a story that is almost perfect. Kratos can now wield the Leviathan Axe which can be thrown at its owner and returned to it, similar to Thor's Mjolnir. The Blades of Chaos also make an appearance, so don't be surprised if you like some of the older entries.

The God of War Kratos journey continues in the Nine Realms, Norse mythology. He and his son try to fulfill Kratos’ wife's dying wish of spreading her ashes from Mount Everest. Amazon: $17

Best Buy $20

Walmart: $30

Marvel's Spider-Man

Although tie-ins with Superheroes are a rare sight (with mobile gaming and all), Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 was quickly acclaimed as one of the best in the genre, and is now second only to the Batman Arkham series. Insomniac captured the feeling of being Spider-Man in New York City. It was a wonderful Spider-Man story that focuses on his origins and brings the Sinister Six in to the mix. It also made for a great Peter Parker story. Insomniac knows that there is always someone behind the mask. This is the best time to play Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be available on PS5.

Marvel's Spider-Man Peter Parker spent many years as your neighborhood Spider-Man. Now, he must face his greatest threat yet, the Sinister Six, to save his city and the people he loves. Amazon: $20

Best Buy $20

Walmart: $26

Horizon Zero Dawn

It's as if this was a proof enough that women can be successful in a video game. Aloy was a fan favorite character and became somewhat of a mascot to Sony's first-party IP. Guerrilla Games took a huge risk by breaking with the Killzone series. It paid off enormously. Aloy must solve the mystery of what happened to the Old Ones in the post-apocalyptic future. Horizon Zero Dawn is the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West, so you will want to see it when you can. The world it creates is stunning, with primitive tribes juxtaposed with modern technology. You will be riveted to the end by the mystery.

Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy must uncover the secrets behind the deranged behavior of these machines and discover a centuries-old conspiracy. This is in the far future. Amazon: $17

Best Buy $17

Walmart - $17

Uncharted 4

This seems to be Naughty dog's final song for Uncharted, or at least the version that stars Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter. The filmmaker went out of his way to ensure that Drake's adventure ended with a bang. Uncharted 4 is a cinematic masterpiece. Nathan Drake returns to retirement after reuniting his brother and searching for the pirate Henry Avery's treasure. The Drake brothers travel across the globe as they attempt to avoid old rivals in this third-person shooter. This is a great single-player game.

Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake teams up with his brother to go treasure hunting from the Scottish Highlands to the coast of Madagascar. There are enemies on the trail. Amazon - $17

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Walmart: $19

Part 2 of The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part 2 follows the sequel to one of the most loved games of all time, The Last of Us. Although the sequel was controversial and divided opinions, most critics consider it a worthy follow up. Although it was difficult to believe that The Last of Us needed a sequel, I am glad it did. Ellie, this time, is the main character. She takes a bloody revenge journey all the way to Seattle. There are warring factions and new infected. The Last of Us Part 2 gives us a glimpse into Ellie's enemies and the reasons they did it. Naughty Dog creates some of most realistic, three-dimensional, and flawed characters.

The Last of Us Part 2 The Last of Us Part II was divisive to say the least. But you cannot accuse Naughty Dog of being safe. It examines grief and trauma and the extent to which people will go to enact justice. Amazon: $20

Best Buy $20

Walmart $20

Remastered: The Last of Us

Although The Last of Us was originally released on PS3, the remastered version on PS4 is the best. It's been repeated time and again to create post-apocalyptic media with zombies (they are technically infected but whatever). Despite this, there is no film as great as The Last of Us. It emphasizes characters more than story. Joel's transformation from a pessimistic smuggler into a lovable father figure was a story that almost everyone loved. Ellie got her own sequel. The time spent with them from Boston to Salt Lake City is filled with beautiful, quiet moments that help you appreciate the power and beauty of storytelling.

The Last of Us Remastered Joel and Ellie travel across the United States in search of a rebel militia that will cure the disease that has decimated the human race. Amazon: $17

Best Buy $20

Walmart - $17


FromSoftware is known for creating some of the most difficult and unforgiving games in the industry, including Bloodborne. If you don't like the fantasy of Dark Souls, then take a trip down to the Gothic Lovecraftian town of Yharnam. There, its residents are afflicted by a terrible blood-borne illness... hence the name. This title won an award for almost every aspect. Its environment and character design are enough to give you a sense of its atmosphere. Bloodborne is a game that evokes Gothic horror in a way that few other games can. You'll have plenty to do if you don't die a lot, so you can take in the sights again and again.

Bloodborne Bloodborne is from the makers of Dark Souls. It takes us to the Gothic city of Yharnam, infested by terrifying beasts and other dark creatures inspired from the works of Lovecraft. Amazon: $16

Best Buy - $19

Walmart - $16

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Following Insomniac’s success with Spider-Man, it was now that Miles Morales had to take the center stage. Although it was released on the PS5, Spider-Man Miles Morales also made its way to PlayStation 4. It was a game that pushed the PS4's limits, and it did so with great success. It is a worthy successor for Spider-Man, and an overall fantastic game. Miles must put on his own suit and save Harlem from danger when Peter Parker is gone. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is full of heart and a lot of fun. This exclusive PlayStation game is one of the best. This title is essential before Insomniac releases its next installment.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man Not everyone is familiar with Miles Morales, but he has proven time and again that he's an excellent Spider-Man. He is sweet, tenacious and will do whatever it takes to protect the city. Amazon: $40

Ghost of Tsushima

Jin Sakai is a local leader on Tsushima Island during the Mongol Invasion. He is a samurai who values honor above all. However, he must make hard decisions about who he really is and what he wants to do to save the island. Are you going to become the Ghost? Or will you stay true to your roots and be feared assassin without honor? Ghost of Tsushima is a unique game that Sucker Punch Productions has not created since Infamous and Sly Cooper. As we wrote in our review, it capped off the PS4's era with style & grace. The Director's Cut has been added to the game, introducing Iki Island and a new storyline for Jin's journey. Many people called it a true Assassin's Creed Japan.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut allows players to fully experience the game, which many consider to be one of the best ever released on PlayStation 4. Amazon: $60

Best Buy: $60

Walmart: $60

Death Stranding

According to the old saying, a bang gave birth to all life in the universe. And then another bang occurred, and all was lost. This is Death Stranding's basic premise, and it doesn't confuse anyone. Invisible beings called BTs haunt the ruins of the United States. They are connected to afterlife and can cause instant death. They can cause what amounts to nuclear explosions. Although Death Stranding has been called "Kojima Unrestrained" many times, it is absurd. However, for those who are familiar with Kojima’s works, this may be the best way of describing it quickly. It's strange, it's deceptively earnest and it was oddly ahead of the pandemic. Although the monotonous gameplay caused division among players, there is more to the game that just walking around. The Director's Cut has even more content.