Trump builds ‘turnkey’ campaign operation for 2024

However, associates claim that President Joe Biden's decline in political fortunes due to the resurgence coronavirus as well as the Aug.15 Fall of Kabul have increased the interest in the former president. This is despite the fact that Biden still feels a deep sense of pride and grief over the loss of his presidency.
Trump believes Biden is on the ropes. Trump wants to be a combatant and not a heckler, stated Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. He also said that Trump isn't in a hurry to announce his candidacy, but that the base is loyal to him. A good rule of politics is to only be a candidate for as little time as possible.

Like the other dozen Trump advisors and friends, Gaetz declined to reveal his conversations with Trump or within the organization. He said it was more likely that Trump will take the plunge, particularly after the 2022 midterm election results if the GOP wins back one or both of the chambers.

Trump has not been forthcoming in interviews about his plans. However, he has privately indicated to others that he is running. Trump is also attentive to the details, including making suggestions for web ads to improve their impact against Biden.

His operation is also taking concrete steps in order to improve his image and position him for a possible campaign. Trump's fall schedule has been updated with rallies and plans to host events in Florida, Iowa, and Georgia.

Perhaps even more telling, the PAC has hired two top operatives in Iowa to help Save America achieve its goals of electing strong, proTrump, America First conservatives.

Trump advisers point out that the Iowa staffers serve another purpose: They can monitor the potential Republican presidential candidates flooding the first in-the-nation caucus.

A person who spoke out about Trump's plans, but did not want to be identified for the record, said that Trump has not decided. However, we believe hell run that Trump wants to be in a position where it is a simple operation once he says yes. He is maximizing his position with the PAC, which he claims is to win the Senate and the House. He will be able to make his position more solid if he does this.

Nearly all polls show that Trump has little to fear in a Republican primary. In 2024, the top candidates for GOP nominations have either said that they won't run against Trump or have resisted saying so. They have also avoided criticizing him.

Jason Miller, Trump's campaign adviser, stated Thursday that he believes he has a chance of running in 2024. He is most likely running for office in 2024, I believe. He was a great guy to talk to last night. I will be going to see him in a couple of days.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan spoke with Trump last Wednesday and shared similar views in an undercover video taken Thursday by a Democratic activist. He said that he knew so [that Trump was going to run again]. Yesterday, I spoke to him. After all the chaos in Afghanistan, he's almost ready to make an announcement.

Trump's leadership PAC declined comment to this story. Federal election laws restrict the spending of leadership PACs for presidential candidates. There are far fewer restrictions for federal candidates who can spend money from leadership PACs.

Grover Cleveland (1892), the only former president, has ever been able to return from defeat to take back his office. Trump would be 78 years old in 2024, which makes him older than Ronald Reagan who left office at the conclusion of his second term.

Trump's fundraising increased this year, raising $82 million in six months through three political committees. He also increased the number of conservative radio interviews. He sat on Fox with Sean Hannity, as well as the Right-wing One America News Network.

Trump stated that he is focused on Republicans winning the House and Senate. He has not teased another run, saying that he would be content with whatever decision he makes.

Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business's ex-president, said that election laws were responsible for his inability make an announcement.

Are the campaign finance laws, which seem stupid and outdated, okay? They are stupid and corrupt in their own way. They are stupid. Okay, I won't tell them that. You will be shocked to learn that there are many bad things that can happen. You won't hear it. This is what I can tell. Trump stated that he loves America and you'll be very happy.

Trump was deplatformed on Twitter and Facebook after spreading misinformation and causing the Capitol riot that resulted in his historic second impeachment. However, he has remained the heart and most sought-after endorser of Republican primary politics. Instead of Trump's flood of tweets per day, his leadership PAC now sends out lengthy statements via tweets, sometimes multiple times per day.

Mid-August saw a notable increase in the pace as Biden tried to win public approval for his handling on Trump's withdrawal from Afghanistan. He said that he was following Trumps plan, but he began bleeding. Trump is like a shark. Trump's confidante said that he smelled of blood. Another cautioned him that he was running before Afghanistan's debacle. This is nothing new.

Tony Fabrizio polls for Trumps Save America leadership PAC and said that Trump is paying close attention to Biden's dismal numbers.

He said that he was angry at Trump's [Trumps] attitude. He believes that the election was stolen from his and that Biden could have prevented all of what has happened.

The day after Kabul fell, the ex-president began to criticize his successors' decisions in Afghanistan. He boasted on conservative radio and cable news about how he would have done better if he had been still in the White House. Biden blamed Trump for making his foreign policy a mess.

As a nod towards his practice of releasing Rose Garden video recorded messages on the news, Trump released a video before Biden addressed America. It was directed at American service personnel and Afghans who died or were injured in the suicide bombings at Kabul Airport.

This tragedy shouldn't have occurred, it shouldn't have happened, and it wouldn’t have happened to me if I was your president, Trump stated.

Trump's leadership PAC also published an advertisement titled Surrenderer in-chief. It poked fun at Biden because he fell while climbing up the stairs of Air Force One. The advertisement also spliced together statements Biden and his staff made about Afghanistan.

A Trump advisor said that he didn't see the same in Trump four months ago, when he was referring to a potential 2024 bid. I saw someone who was going wring his hands about [the election]. Because of what we saw [from Biden], it has really changed.

While former presidents may have criticised their predecessors from time to time, none have broken the rules of post-presidential decorum quite like Trump who took swipes at Biden while offering his daily commentary.

After Shana Chappell and other Gold Star family members had complained about Biden's conduct toward them at a Dover Air Force Base transfer ceremony, the former president, who has feuded in the past with Gold Star families, even sent his message to Shana Chappell.

Trump responded to Biden's criticism of her Facebook post, saying that if I was President, Kareem, your beautiful and wonderful son, would be with me now.

A former Trump senior official, who is still close to Trump, said that Trump had planned to run for president even before Afghanistan. This is nothing new. It didn't increase [Trumps] interest in Afghanistan as much as it convinced Americans to make the decision.

Some aides remain hesitant to predict with certainty that Trump will run for the presidency, despite his public appearances and private conversations. Trump is known for publicly flirting with ideas before abandoning them at the last moment.

According to a senior advisor to Trump's political operation, right now the President is focusing on fair and honest elections and doing all he can to elect America First fighters up and down the ballot.

Trump's advantage is now to tease a presidential run. The long list of 2024 GOP hopefuls is frozen. It also hinders their ability build a campaign apparatus. Trump can still continue to rake in donations, although his leadership PAC cannot spend more than $10,000 for a presidential race. Trump can also use it to make investigations into himself and his businesses pure politics, and build anticipation among his most loyal supporters.

Multiple people close to Trump stated that Trump is unlikely to make any announcements prior the 2022 midterms.

Miller stressed in an interview his confidence of Trump's candidacy at 99 to 100 percent. He also said that Trump has not made a final decision.

Miller said that President Trump does not do misdirection. He wears it on his sleeves.


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