This Casper mattress helps relieve my lower back issues with its firm feel and strong edge support

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As our resident sleep reporter, we have tested many mattresses, including nearly every mattress available from Casper, a bed-in-a box startup.

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Every mattress has its advantages, but the Casper Original is my favorite. It comes in both an all-foam and hybrid version. The all-foam Original mattress was reviewed here. However, if you don't like all-foam mattresses you might enjoy the Original Hybrid.



The Casper Original Hybrid includes three layers of foam in addition to individually wrapped springs. The "Airscape" top layer is made from perforated, breathable foam that promotes airflow and cooler sleep. It conforms to your body to alleviate pressure. The memory foam middle layer provides targeted support, softer below the shoulders, firmer around the waist, lower back and hips. The base gives you edge support by providing a firm border around coils.

The Original Hybrid foam is CertiPUR US certified and made without any ozone-depleting substances. The cover is also made from lycra, rayon and upcycled cotton. It is also partially composed of recycled bottles.

Casper stores are available in all major cities across the country. However, some stores have made changes to accommodate the new coronavirus pandemic. We recommend calling ahead. Casper mattresses can be purchased at Target stores, but it is best to call ahead.

The setup process


Casper mattresses are easy to set up and the process is consistent across all models. Open the top of the large cardboard box to find a guide that will help you unbox your mattress. This took approximately five minutes.

Hybrid beds are heavier than all-foam mattresses because they have more weight. The Original Hybrid weighs in at 91 lbs and is 100 lbs with its packaging. It's still lighter than the other hybrids I tested which made it easier to move around. It did bend easily, so it was difficult to reposition and rotate. It is a good idea to have a friend help with the unboxing process.

You can also choose to have professional assistance at home. Casper will install your bed in any room you choose for a small fee. Casper will also take away your old mattress or foundation.

What makes a mattress stand out?


You can only find out if a mattress suits you by sleeping on it. Experts recommend that you give it 14 nights. Mattress companies suggest at least 30 nights. It is important to have a home trial that is risk-free. Casper mattresses can be tried for 100 nights.

Casper will take back your mattress if you are unhappy with it during the trial period. Casper will work with local charities or recycle centers to get rid of it. You will receive a full refund within two weeks. They don't charge any shipping or restocking fees for your refund.

The bed's attractive design and comfort were immediately appealing to me. It had a good bounce and I liked it.

Casper Original Hybrid mattress is slightly firmer that your average mattress. It is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. Although I found sleeping on my stomach was more comfortable than on my side, it wasn't uncomfortable to sleep on my side. Extra support is important for me as I am a heavier person. For people with chronic back pain, firmer mattresses may be better. This mattress was perfect for me. I have occasional lower back problems and it did not hurt.

The Original Hybrid does a good job at removing heat to provide cool sleep. I am a hot sleeper and the Original Hybrid didn't make me feel hot or cold during my testing. Even though I was awake in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I could still feel my trapped heat when I came back.

The Original Hybrid is the best when it comes to support at the edges. The Original Hybrid is able to be laid on the edge of the bed without feeling like I'm going to fall, and there is very little sagging when I sit on the sides. It is also easier to get out of bed in morning.

All Casper mattresses, including the Original Hybrid, are covered by a 10-year limited warranty. If your mattress is damaged by manufacturing defects, major indentations, physical flaws or deterioration, the company will replace or repair it. To be eligible for the warranty, your mattress must be used "normally", handled properly, and placed on a stable foundation.

Consider the cons


Poor motion isolation is a problem with the Original Hybrid. My subjective experience was not enough. I placed a 12-ounce pop can on the mattress, and then dropped a 15-pound ball from above the mattress so that it landed 12 inches from the can. With excellent motion dampening, the can stands upright on mattresses that have good motion dampening. The Original Hybrid made it impossible for the can to stay upright on mattresses with excellent motion dampening.

The "new" smell that is common in foam mattresses after they have been removed from the vacuum seal was evident immediately. To allow them to expand and breathe before you go to bed, I recommend that you unbox mattresses in the morning. The Original Hybrid needed to be unpacked for a few days in order to eliminate its odor.

The bottom line


The Casper Original Hybrid impressed me. It was even better than the previous hybrid. The firm support and bounce helped me to move despite the poor motion dampening. The edge support helps me stay on the boat even when my wife or pets start crowding me. Although I would have preferred heat dissipation to be better, the bed was not too hot.

This option is recommended if you have a stomach or back problem, are suffering from back pain, or are heavier and prefer to sleep on your side. If you are a person who is constantly moving and waking you up in the middle of the night, I recommend a bed with greater motion isolation.

The price for a hybrid mattress is still reasonable. Casper also offers purchasing options starting at 0% APR.

Finally, our guide to the best mattress reviews will help you avoid Casper. This guide was compiled from extensive testing of many models.

Pros: The 11-inch thick foam layer and three supportive coils are combined with the pressure-relieving foam layers. They are great for stomach and back sleepers.

Cons: It took awhile for the new smell of the bed to fade after failing motion transfer tests