Microsoft’s new Xbox controller firmware lets you quickly switch between paired devices

Microsoft will begin testing a new firmware update today for Xbox One, Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers. This update will make significant improvements to the hardware. Microsoft will also add Dynamic Latency Iput (DLI), to increase input latency for older controllers. This is the biggest enhancement.
The new firmware update adds Bluetooth Low Energy support to compatible controllers. The majority of Microsoft's Xbox One controllers have Bluetooth support, which can be used on either smartphones or computers. However, the controllers connect to Xbox consoles using the Xbox Wireless protocol. The new firmware makes it easier to switch between them. It will remember your Bluetooth phone number and Xbox console, and allow you to quickly switch between them by double-tapping on the pair button.

Xbox One controllers will soon have DLI support

DLI is Microsoft's second major addition. This reduces input latency for controllers that are connected to Xbox Series X / S gaming consoles. It makes gameplay more responsive. DLI will make it possible to use any Xbox One controller with an Xbox Series S console or X console with reduced latency, just as the new controllers that come with these consoles.

These are both new features that the Xbox Series X / S controllers support. However, it's great to see Microsoft expand this feature to older hardware. Daniel Ruiz is a product marketing manager for Xbox accessories. He says that it is important to keep backward compatibility with Xbox accessories that people have and to deliver the best gaming experience regardless of how you play.

Microsoft is currently testing the new controller firmware with Alpha Skip-Ahead, Alpha Xbox Insiders and Alpha Xbox Insiders. It should be available for Xbox owners in the next few months.