Paris St-Germain hit out at La Liga chief Javier Tebas over spending comments

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After leaving Barcelona this summer, Lionel Messi signed a 2-year contract with Paris St-Germain.

After Javier Tebas ridiculed Paris St-Germain's spending habits and the age of its players, Javier Tebas was fired by the Spanish league chief.

Victoriano Melero, general secretary of PSG, said that Tebas should address the debt and "mismanagement” in La Liga.

Melero claims comments about the age of players, including Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi, are disrespectful and insulting.

Tebas also refers to Qatar-backed PSG repeatedly as a "state team".

Melero said, "Time and time again, you allow yourself the freedom to publicly attack France League, our clubs, players, while continually posting insulting, defamatory statements insinuating we don't conform to the football financial rules."

Tebas said recently that PSG was "as dangerous" as the European Super League proposal.

Referring to the French side's recruitment, the he said: "PSG seems like the league of legends, given the age of some of the players."

Messi, 34, and Ramos (35), signed two-year contracts this summer. They were free to transfer after they left Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively amid the financial crisis that hit the Spanish game.

Melero wrote to Tebas: "It won't have escaped your notice that we comply with Uefa regulations. Not to be forgotten, the French League didn't wait until recent years, as did your league, in order to establish strong financial regulations.

"It is now public knowledge that certain Spanish clubs, and your league, are in debt due to gross mismanagement. This is not to mention how Spanish football has been funded over the past decade, including by the state.

You are now disrespectfully and directly attacking the players. Your extraordinary comments about the age of these players are not only offensive to their past and current roles in defining how this great game is played, but also insults the millions of fans who idolize them.

"It is quite surprising that you don't pay more attention to the two clubs in your league, Real Madrid and Barcelona. They are steadfastly focused on breaking up your league as well as European football as a whole.

"We ask you to put your efforts into solving domestic problems, for which you are responsible. We also request that you stop attempting transparent and repeated diversionary actions."

Tebas should also be focusing on his own problems, according to the French League (LFP).

"The LFP requests Mr Javier Tebas that he watch his outrageous statements," it stated. These were "not worthy" of the institution he represents.

"However, however, the LFP wishes not to forget that the financial wealth from which Spanish clubs have benefited over many seasons is not its responsibility nor that Paris St Germain is responsible for the current problems," said the LFP in a statement.