Steve from Blue's Clues is sorry he abandoned us as kids

You may still be fucked up if you are a young millennial who watched Nick Jr. as a child. After years of following Steve, were we supposed to accept that Joe would become Blues' new owner? Were we supposed just to be our best friend? Blues Clues brought back Josh as their third host. Joe and Steve also returned for Christmas specials and whatnot. Many Blues Clues fans did not know that Steve was back. Nick Jr.'s video celebrating the 25th anniversary of Blues Clues quickly became a viral hit.


The video shows Steve talking to the adults in the room about the abandonment issues that he left behind. Remember when we were young, we used to play with Blue, find clues, talk to Mr. Salt, and worry about the mail. Then one day, I realized that it was time to go home. The big news is that I'm leaving. Steve asks: This is Joe, my brother. He's your best friend. And we got on a bus, and we didn't see each other for a while. Yes, we do remember. Not fun, Steve! He wants to talk about it now and offer his apologies.

It was a bit abrupt, I admit. He admits that he just sorta got up and went off to college. Steve isn't sorry, he has plenty to praise his grown-up fans. He says, "Look at you and see all you have achieved and all that you have done." It's just amazing, isn't it?

He is real and says, "It started with clues, but now it's what?" It has been difficult, with student loans, jobs, and families. Then he sweetly reminds us all that he couldn't have done it without us (both in mystery solving as well as the grand scheme). A Nick Jr. video can double as therapy. No one will judge you if your emotions are not a little bit.


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