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Chase and Southwest both have a range of co-brand cards. The Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card, which I would argue is the most attractive credit card for Southwest, has a huge bonus and valuable ongoing perks.

Southwest Performance Business Card Basics

The Southwest Performance Business Card has many great features. It offers a great welcome bonus and perks that can help cover the annual fee. Let's look at all details about the card.

Southwest Performance Business Card Bonus: 80K points

After spending $5,000 within three consecutive months, the Southwest Performance Business Card offers a bonus of 80,000 Rapid Reward points.

Southwest offers a revenue-based frequent traveler program. As such, you will need to redeem 83 Rapid Reward points for every dollar of airfare. Each Rapid Rewards point is worth approximately 1.2 cents toward the cost of a Southwest Airlines flight.

That's a huge amount of money. 80,000 Rapid Rewards points can get you approximately $960 worth airfare on Southwest Airlines. There are other ways to get more value, as I'll explain below.

With the Performance Business Card, you can earn lots of Rapid Rewards points

Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is one of the most valuable travel options. This card's welcome bonus gives you a great head start to that.

If you don't know what Southwests Companion Pass is, it allows you to bring someone along for the whole year. The Companion Pass does not cover the cost of the ticket. However, it is valid for both revenue and award tickets. The Companion Pass can be used for up to three different companions in one year. Your Companion Pass can be used to fly Southwest to Hawaii.

This deal is amazing and normally requires 125,000 Rapid Rewards points per calendar year. For 2021 Southwest will give everyone 25,000 qualifying Points. This means that you need only 100,000 points to earn Companion Pass.

Not all points can be counted towards Companion Pass. Southwest credit card points are one of those.

To travel to Hawaii, use the Southwest Companion Pass

Southwest Performance Card Eligibility

If you don't have the card yet, or if you haven't received a bonus cardmember bonus in the last 24 months, you could be eligible for the Southwest Performance Business Card. The eligibility for this card is not affected by any of the Southwest Personal Cards or the Southwest Premier Business Card.

The 5/24 rule applies to this card. Be aware of the restrictions for Chase cards.

Southwest Performance Card Annual Fee

The Performance Business Card comes with a $199 annual charge, making it the most expensive Southwest Airlines credit card. It comes with many perks that make it worth it. My favorite benefit is the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards.

It is free to add authorized users to your card.

Southwest Performance Card Rewards Structure

The Southwest Performance Business Card has some useful bonus categories.

Southwest Airlines purchase earns you 3x points

2x points for social media, search engine advertising, internet cable, and telephone services

All other purchases earn 1x points

The Performance Business Card does not have foreign transaction fees so it is a great card to use for international purchases. If I was trying to earn Southwest Airlines Companion Pass, I would not use the card for daily spending.

No foreign transaction fees when you use the Southwest Performance

Southwest Performance Card Perks

The Southwest Performance Business Card offers a great bonus but the real reason to apply for this card is the perks it provides. The perks are worth more than the annual fee for those who fly Southwest frequently. This card is almost too good for those frequent Southwest flyers.

9000 Anniversary Bonus Points

You will receive 9,000 Rapid Rewards points every year for owning the Performance Card. Southwest points can be used to redeem for airfare at a cost of 1.2 cents per, which is equivalent to $108 annually.

For even more travel, redeem anniversary bonus points

Four upgraded boardings per year

You get four upgraded boarders per anniversary year for owning the Southwest Performance Card.

For up to four upgraded boards in positions A1-15, you will be reimbursed. You can purchase this at the departure gate, ticket counter or on the day of travel. This can be used on up to four occasions. If you're traveling with three people, you can also use it on one flight.

These can take up to eight weeks to get reimbursed. However, you'll usually find it posting faster than that. Upgraded boardings cost a different amount depending on the flight. It is difficult to assign a dollar value to this benefit.

Inflight Wi-Fi Perks

The Southwest Performance Card offers a remarkable Wi-Fi benefit. Southwest Airlines charges $8 per device to access Wi-Fi. For having the Performance Business Card, you receive an $8 Wi-Fi credit every day. This means that you can get credit for up to 365 days if you fly Southwest every day.

Simply charge the fee to your credit card and you will receive a statement credit. This is an excellent opportunity for frequent Southwest travelers.

Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check Credits

You can get a credit up to $100 towards TSA pre-check or Global Entry for having the Southwest Performance Card This benefit is available once per four years.

If you want to take advantage this perk, I recommend that you register for Global Entry instead of TSA Pre-Check. TSA Pre-Check expedites US security screening while Global Entry expedites US immigration clearance.

Register for Global Entry, but not Pre-Check. Global Entry comes with TSA pre-check, but the reverse is true. Signing up for TSA pre-check doesn't guarantee you Global Entry.

With the Southwest Performance Card, you can get a Global Entry credit

Are you a good candidate for the Southwest Performance Card?

The Southwest Performance Business Card is an excellent choice for small businesses that fly Southwest frequently. The card comes with a fantastic welcome bonus, which could allow you to earn the Companion Pass.

The card is also worth the ongoing cost. The card costs $199 annually, but it offers 9,000 points per annum (which I value as $108), four upgraded boardings per annum, a great Wi-Fi benefit and many other benefits. Anyone who travels Southwest regularly should be able to pay the card off.

Southwest can make your travel more enjoyable with the Performance Card

Comparison: Southwest Performance Card Vs. Southwest Premier Card

Southwest offers the Southwest Performance Business Card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card. (Review). What is the difference between this card and others? The Southwest Premier Card

After spending $3,000 in three months, you will receive a welcome bonus of 60,000 points Rapid Rewards

Annual fee $99

Every year, you will receive 6,000 points for your anniversary

The Performance Card's annual fee is $100 more than the basic plan, but it provides:

You get a welcome bonus of up to 20,000 points (which I value at $240).

Additional 3,000 points for your anniversary each year (which I value as $36).

Four upgrades per year for boardings

You could get a daily $8 Wi Fi credit which can be very valuable if your Southwest flights are frequent.

This is just the beginning. The Performance Card is definitely worth the premium, according to me.

Bottom line

The Southwest Performance Business Card, which I consider the best Southwest Airlines credit card, is extraordinary. The card offers 80K points as a bonus, along with 9,000 anniversary bonus points, daily Wi-Fi credits, four upgraded flights per year, and many other benefits. If you frequent Southwest flights, this card will quickly add up in value.

Follow this link to find out more information about the Southwest Performance Business Card and how you can apply.

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