Britney Spears' Father Has Filed A Petition To End Her Conservatorship

Britney Spears' father asked for a judge to terminate her conservatorship. This shocking decision comes months after Britney said that the legal arrangement allowed him to abuse her for many years.
Multiple news outlets reported that Jamie Spears' attorney filed a document in Los Angeles County Superior Court Tuesday. He stated that Jamie Spears, 39, "believes" she can manage her own life and that her father believes she should have that chance.

Mathew Rosengart's attorney accused the singer of trying to extort $2 million from his daughter in return for him resigning. In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Rosengart stated that he will continue to investigate Jamie Spears' estate management.

The attorney stated that Britney Spears has won a significant victory and that there is no settlement. Instead, the investigation will continue.

He also asked Jamie Spears about the motives behind filing the petition.

Rosengart stated that it appears that Mr. Spears thinks he can avoid accountability and justice. He may even sit for a deposition under oath and answer other discovery under oath. However, as we evaluate his file which was improperly sent to the media, we will continue to explore every option."

Jamie Spears stated for the first time last month that he was ready to relinquish control of his daughter's estate. However, Vivian Thoreen, his attorney, wrote that he believed there were no grounds to suspend or remove him. Thoreen stated that Jamie Spears would only leave after resolving certain issues. This included outstanding payments to him, his legal staff, and his former manager.

Rosengart stated that the response was "quid proquo."

Spears requested that her father be removed from conservatorship and replaced with a professional fiduciary/forensic accountant in July. According to court documents, Jodi Montgomery, who is currently the conservator of Spears' personal and medical lives, supported the move. Lynne Spears, her mother, also supported the request. According to court documents, the court will consider her request at a Sept. 29 hearing.

Tuesday's filing was an unexpected result in the closely watched case that sparked a #FreeBritney fan movement. Jamie Spears has been resisting calls to release his daughter from the court-mandated arrangement, which is usually used in cases of severe disability and dementia for years.

Jamie Spears refused to resign despite the fact that she had told the court on June 23 that her arrangement, which has placed her father and a group of lawyers in complete control of her life, was abusive.

Spears revealed a number of shocking facts during the hearing. She stated that she would like to marry and have another child but she is unable to go to a doctor to remove her IUD. Spears also stated that the experience has been "demoralizing" as well as "embarrassing" and she would like to be released from the conservatorship without being evaluated.