Choose your 'The Matrix Resurrections' teaser trailer: Red, or blue?

The fourth film in the Matrix Resurrections franchise is now real.
You can still catch a glimpse of the new footage by clicking this interactive teaser. It offers you the option to make a decision. The deal is clear: blue pill or red pill.

Head on over to (a clever resurrection of the original 90s domain) to watch one of two versions of the teaser. The red shows Yahya Abdul Maten II, a star who is apparently going through post-Matrix "rebirth." A familiar-sounding voice (that's not Laurence Fishburne), tells you that "This could be your first day in the rest of you life, but you must fight for it." The blue, which is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris in blandly menacing Agent-like tones, tells you that your ability to distinguish reality from fiction.

The teasers will detect your device's time and include it in the voiceover. This is both creepy and fun. The film's short, vivid clips, many of which are visual echoes from familiar imagery from the previous movie, change every time you see it, even if the same pill is chosen again.

You can also see Carrie Ann Moss and Keanu looking more John Wick than Neo, but ready to fight the robots again.

The Matrix Resurrections will be available in theaters and on HBO Max starting December 22.