American Airlines Strips Most Passenger Protections with Latest Changes

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American Airlines Removes Passenger Protections With Latest Changes

American Airlines is making major changes. American Airlines has changed its Conditions of Carriage to remove even more protections for its passengers.

This is all because more people travel again and that the airline took in billions of dollars in loans and grants from taxpayers to survive this pandemic.

JT Genter first reported the changes, and detailed them in a thread on Twitter.

American Airlines Conditions of Carriage

These are the major changes that passengers should be aware of:

American Airlines does not accept responsibility for delayed or cancelled flights. Our sole obligation is to reimburse the ticket value, as well as any optional fees, if we or our airline partner fail to operate or delay your arrival for more than four hours.

American Airlines will rebook your flight on the next American Airlines flight or American partner flight if you are delayed or cancelled. This happens when there is no connection. This is it. American Airlines must give written authorization before you can make arrangements for your own travel arrangements. You will be responsible for paying for the hotel, meals, and any other expenses.


The United States has very few protections for passengers who fly in air travel. It is difficult to obtain any assistance, even if airlines don't follow the rules.

American Airlines is now removing even more protections for its passengers. According to American Airlines, if anything goes wrong, you are on your own.

There is nothing you can do if your delay is less than four hours Are you delayed for more than four hours? American Airlines will only refund the cost of your ticket. If you need to book last-minute flights, American Airlines will assist you.

If you miss a connection due to delay, it gets even worse. American Airlines won't rebook you with another carrier. Instead, they will pay the remainder of your ticket. Once again, you are left to figure out how you got there.

Below are the details of the tweet.

@americanair has changed its Conditions Of Carriage this week. These changes remove rights that travelers might expect from AA. Below is a list of changes:

1. AA disclaims any liability when "we (or our partners) cancel a flight or route" JT Genter (@JTGenter) September 5, 2021