New England Patriots QB Mac Jones not surprised he's starting, plans to stay in contact with Cam Newton

Stephen A. Smith explains how the Patriots can reclaim the AFC East crown for the Bills. (1:47).
FOXBOROUGH (Mass.) Rookie Mac Jones made a public comment after being named New England Patriots' starting quarterback. He said he planned to keep in touch with Cam Newton and was not surprised that he was chosen.

Jones stated that Jones was a great mentor to him on WEEI's sports radio "Merloni and Fauria". "I'm sure we'll keep in touch. He knew that I came to his aid, and he knew that I was here for him, so we never felt like we were fighting.

Cam is clearly a great man, a great player and I hope he finds a job. He taught me a lot and I look forward to continuing learning from Brian [Hoyer] as well as everyone else in the quarterback room."

Jones, a University of Alabama first-round draft pick, said that he found out he was the starter during a team meeting. It was a difficult day for Jones because many of his teammates were being let go.

Jones answered the question on the radio: "Not really." As I always say, "I prepare to be the start." I was able to do a lot of reps. Nothing changes. I'm just trying to be a good teammate and learn the plays every single day.

The Patriots will open their season against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday (CBS, 4 :25 p.m. ET) which means Jones will face his former Alabama teammate, quarterback TuaTagovailoa. Since Jones was named Patriots' starter, the two have not connected.

Jones stated on WEEI, "We've had pretty busy." Jones said that Jones doesn't use his phone as much. I don't use my phone as much. We'll probably have to talk when we meet.

"Tua is an amazing guy. He is a talented, good football player. It was amazing to learn from him and Jalen Hurts. It's great to have the opportunity to compete against each other now that we all have a chance in the NFL.

Jones, 23 years old, said that the first call he made to his parents after becoming the Patriots' starter, was to Holly and Gordon. He shared with us that he has been studying the Patriots' playbook along with his girlfriend Sophie Scott as they walk through plays in their yard.

Jones spoke on WEEI about his reaction to being offered the starting job. It doesn't mean much. It is just a label. But you have to go out and make it. This is just a small part of it.


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