Apple's new iPhone event invite has a secret augmented reality message

We can now turn our attention to clues that Apple left in its announcement, after all speculation about the "iPhone 13 event" has been put to rest.
An iPhone's September 14 event page shows a graphic similar to the one shared by Twitter company executives: A glowing Apple logo hovering over an alpine lake. The augmented reality magic happens when you tap that logo.

To launch AR, tap the Apple logo. Credit: apple

This will launch the ARKit browser within iOS by using your iPhone's camera. After a quick calibration, you will see the AR Apple logo over your surroundings. Zoom in and you can see the invitation's lake image. The date and time of the iPhone 2021 launch will be displayed once you have entered the invite.

The AR logo features an image of a lake within. Credit: apple Zoom in to the logo and you'll see the launch date hovering above the lake. Credit: apple

What does this all mean for the next iPhone's design? Apple's Tim Cook has led the embrace of AR. The company's latest iPad Pro is optimized to the tech. Rumours also suggest that Apple may be working on a headset. It's possible that we will soon see an iPhone AR.