12 weeks of paid family leave made it into Democrats' early plan for $3.5 trillion in social spending

In a draft bill, Democrats include 12 weeks of family and medical leave paid to them.
They are currently working out the $3.5 trillion spending plan which Republicans strongly oppose.

Experts believe that women who take paid leave are more likely to be compensated.

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Although the battle for the Democrats' $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan proposal is only beginning, the House Ways and Means Committee already has begun to outline the measures that will be part of the package.

The panel will mark up the Build Back Better Act with 12 weeks of paid universal family and medical leave. This measure is intended to provide workers with the time they need to care for their children and deal with medical emergencies.

"Later this Week, the Ways and Means Committee won't accept the notion that only certain workers are entitled to 'perks' such as paid leave, child care, and assistance with saving for retirement," said Chairman Richard E. Neal of Massachusetts.

Benefits would be available starting in 2023. The benefit system is a sliding-scale model with the lowest-earning workers receiving the most of their wages replaced. It would be paid monthly.

The $3.5 trillion spending plan is being crafted by Democrats. They will be approved over the likely GOP opposition. This reconciliation process is a partisan one.

In April, Neal introduced a plan for establishing those benefits. The plan would replace two-thirds the wages of the average worker, and provide benefits based upon workers' monthly average earnings.

Neal stated that the Build Back Better Act was a historic opportunity to support working families, ensure a stronger economy, be more inclusive, and make it more resilient for future generations.

Pew Research shows that the US is an outlier in terms of paid parental leave. In 41 countries, America is not the only country to require paid leave. Similar results can be seen in the US when it comes to paid sick leave. The US has no federal sick leave mandates.

Washington State implemented paid leave in the early 2020s, just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insider was told by Mike Pellicciotti, Washington state treasurer, that the program has helped in Washington's economic recovery.

New America's think tank has found that paid leave can lead to better earnings, healthier children and greater economic growth. According to University of Massachusetts Amherst, paid leave could increase Americans' annual incomes by $28.5 million.

California's 2002 implementation of paid family leave was confirmed by research by the Bay Area Council. It found that new mothers were more likely to be employed and that workers had lower labor costs when they took leave.

Vicki Shabo, a paid-leave expert at think tank New America, stated previously to Insider that this would "bring us closer to what many of our peer nations are."

Shabo stated that the policy would establish a policy and a cultural standard to allow caregivers and workers to be both employed and self-employed.


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