Inmates Treated With Ivermectin Without Their Knowledge

Image by Getty/Futurism Rx/Medicines
Arkansas prison guard is under investigation for lying to inmates about COVID-19 treatment with ivermectin.

If you don't recognize the name, it is an anti-parasite drug. It can be used to treat human conditions such as head lice, scabies and trichuriasis. However, it is most commonly known as a horse-de-wormer.

It has become the new hydroxychloroquine, a favourite of far-right anti vaxxer crowds (and Joe Rogan), who promote the drug as a COVID-19 treatment without any evidence that it actually works. According to CBS News, Rob Karas, a jail physician, gave ivermectin over tried-and true treatments to inmates. He was effectively making them unwitting subjects of an unauthorized medical experiment. This violated both federal guidelines and any guiding principle for medical ethics.

According to Edrick Floreal Wooten, a Washington County inmate, they claimed that they were vitamins, steroids, and antibiotics. We had fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea, so we decided to call them.



Floreal-Wooten said that he and others inmates asked repeatedly what the nurses were giving them. They were told that the pills would make them feel better, but that this was only after the news broke.

Florea Wooten explained to CBS that we didn't know they were doing experiments on us and giving us ivermectin. That was something we didn't know.

Ivermectin seems to only have an effect on coronavirus in concentrations so high that no human should be exposed to them. The FDA has even warned against using the drug to treat COVID.

Experimentation on human subjects without consent or knowledge is not only unjustifiable from a medical perspective, but it has been done in the past.



Doctors in Tuskegee (Alabama) conducted a 40-year-old experiment on Black men suffering from syphilis. The horrendous experiment saw the subjects denied proper care and lied about their condition and the purpose of the study. Similar to Arkansas inmates, Tuskegee doctors insisted on proper care for their subjects.

Ivermectin can cause vomiting, nausea, seizures and even death in high doses.

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