Twitter Hashflag for September 14 Apple Event Goes Live

Twitter has created a new #AppleEvent hashtag "hashflag" to promote the "California Streaming", an all-digital Apple event, and increase awareness.

The hashtag is custom and includes a multicolored Apple logo. It's currently live at 1:00 PM Pacific Time.

Since late last year, Apple has used the small icons beside hashtags on Twitter to announce all of its events. Apple's September 2020 event was the first time it used a hashflag. It announced the iPad Air, Apple Watch and Apple Watch.

Twitter allows brands to add custom emojis to their hashtags to make them more effective in marketing. Agency Creative says that each one can run upwards of one-million dollars and is often used for big events such as the Super Bowl and holidays.

Apple will announce its new iPhone 13 lineup and the Apple Watch Series 7 at its event on Tuesday, September 14.