Premier League: Clubs 'need to know' if Brazil players are suspended

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Fred, a Manchester United midfielder, was among nine Premier League players who were called up by Brazil to participate in the ongoing international window

If they are to be suspended this weekend, the six Premier League clubs that refused to release Brazilian players for Brazil's World Cup qualifiers "need" to be informed.

Charlie Marshall, chief executive of European Clubs' Association, stated that clubs should know within the next 24 hours "if their Brazilians can be played or not".

Fifa has the power to ban players who are not released within an international window for up to five days.

For Brazil's three matches, nine Premier League players were chosen.

Liverpool trio Alisson and Fabinho from Liverpool were called up, as was Roberto Firmino and Manchester City's Ederson, Gabriel Jesus and Manchester City's Ederson. Thiago Silva, Chelsea defender, Manchester United's Fred, Raphinha from Leeds, and Richarlison, Everton's striker.

After complaints from the Paraguayan, Chilean and Mexican associations, Wolves, Watford, Watford, and Blackburn all will lose players this weekend.

Clubs haven't yet been informed if the Brazil squad players who weren't released will be suspended.

Marshall said on Tuesday that "this has to be sorted out within the next 24-hours." "Liverpool and other clubs must know if their Brazilians can be played.

"If Fifa doesn't want to sanction the clubs, then they need to let them know," said

Because they would have been required to quarantine for ten days upon their return to England, the players decided not to travel to South America. This would have further extended their absence.

Spurs and Aston Villa each allowed two players, Emiliano Buendia and Emiliano Martinez, to travel to Argentina to play in the first two matches. Giovani lo Celso will be missing one Premier League match while isolating.

They were involved in the disastrous game against Brazil. The game was stopped after five minutes due to intervention by Sao Paolo's public health officials.

Marshall believes that Fifa should show some compassion in these current circumstances.

He stated that sanctions are not necessary because a player who is in quarantine cannot immediately return to his club, it would prolong the release period.

We asked Fifa for an exception to international players being released, but they declined."

Raphinha, a forward for Leeds United, was among those affected.

Andrea Radrizzani, Leeds' owner, was also impressed by the player's choice.

We invited him to make a choice and he chose no. He expressed great respect for his club, the Premier League, and for the opportunity to play for his country the first time," said he.