Parents find out from other parents that all of school’s kindergarten teachers have COVID-19

Kinder Ranch Elementary staff didn't share this information with their parents. An unnamed teacher instead posted the information on Facebook.
A kindergarten teacher at a San Antonio school has been tested positive for COVID-19. The school did not notify parents who claim they discovered the information from one another.

Kinder Ranch Elementary staff did not share this information with their parents. Instead, it was posted on a Facebook page where an anonymous teacher wrote: Good morning, I will send you an official letter soon. But, I wanted to take the time to inform you that all kindergarten teachers have been tested positive for covid in the past few days.

The kindergarten is empty because the students are still in quarantine. The school failed to notify parents that all kindergarten teachers in San Antonio have tested positive for COVID-19. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images).

I won't be returning to school until September 13th. The post stated that a mask is not required, but I recommend it. Talk to your child about hand washing and how to keep your hands clean. If you have any questions, please let me know. We appreciate your cooperation. Take care.

According to reports, the Comal Independent School District shares active cases. These are cases that have been reported by parents or staff.

Open Comal County Schools Safelythis page is about Kinder Ranch Elementary in Comal ISD. LBCC (@LivingBlueComal) September 1, 2021

Since Gov. Rick Perry's repeal of mask mandates in Texas, the district doesn't require that masks be worn. Greg Abbott signed an executive decree declaring that no government entity, including a city, county, or school district, may require anyone to cover their face, nor can they mandate it.

A local outlet reported that parents are permitted to bring their children to lunch. However, more teachers have been wearing masks, according to parents. Although the district encourages mask-wearing, it is prohibited from issuing a mandate.

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According to the report, a parent from another school in the district posted on the community Facebook page that she thought her children were taking part in a drill that could prove problematic.

The parent wrote that all 26 students in my child's class were kept together in a closet to learn how to stay safe in the event of an active shooter. Is there a way to ensure that our children are safe in the event of an active pandemic? Is anyone in Comal ISD able to attend a strategic planning session? What could the district do to help the children if there was a serious health emergency?

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